Swiss Tunnel Opening Ceremony Draws Cries of ‘Satanic’

Artists perform during the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world's longest rail tunnel, near the town of Erstfeld, Switzerland, on June 1, 2016. The new Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) is set to become the world's longest railway tunnel when it opens on June 1. The 57-kilometre (35.4-mile) …

The internet is all abuzz over what many see as the Satanic opening of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel in the Swiss Alps.

Taking 17 years to complete (at a cost of 11 billion Euros) and measuring 35 miles, the tunnel is said to be the longest and most expensive tunnel ever built. On hand for the opening were German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The ceremony was intended to represent various aspects of Swiss culture.  But, men in masks, others in costumes made of long brown grass, weird angels descending from the ceiling, even a man in a goat mask that others seem to be worshiping are all said by some to be from the pits of hell.

The ceremony begins with a rather Fascistic scene of dancers dressed as workers marching in lockstep to the beat of a single drummer. This is followed by dancers dressed in white skivvies cavorting sexually on a railroad car. A winged creature wearing a horrific mask descends from the ceiling, meant to symbolize workers who died in the construction of the tunnel. Three workers hang from the ceiling as if dead. There’s comes a parade of characters in frightening masks some holding the skulls of animals.

The part that has most galvanized the worldwide web is when a goat man emerges and appears to be worshiped by the dancers, some dressed in grass costumes, others wearing horrifying masks.

It is all a mishmash that is odd and confusing to any casual observer, modern dance that is likely not the taste of the men who built the tunnel, some of whom lost their lives.

The response has been one of alarm by the conservatives around the world. Something called Vigilant Citizen is representative.

As I discussed in my article on the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, the occult elite enjoys putting on full display its agenda and philosophy symbolic, dramatic displays which are reminiscent of dramas re-enacted in secret society rituals. Furthermore, there is no better way to showcase sheer power than putting the “Illuminati stamp of approval” on massive mega-projects such as the Olympics or major constructions.

The writer refers to “a demonic fallen angel, a baby-faced Lucifer.” He says “the event turns into an all-out satanic ceremony.”

But is it Satanic as this and so many other websites are claiming. Google “Demons of the Alps” and you will see the most troubling part of the show, the men in grass consumes and others in scary masks and even the goat man, are part of Swiss Christmas tradition.

Every year on the December 6th Feast of St. Nicholas of Bari (a Catholic saint who provided the dowries of poor girls so they could get married rather than end up in prostitution and upon whom Santa Claus is based), St. Nicholas wanders around town giving out gifts and money. He is followed by Krampus (Demons of the Alps) who try to scare the children, not unlike what happens at Halloween.

All of the masks used in the ceremony are taken from this Christmas tradition, even the goat man, even the horrific mask of the descending angle.

The ceremony may be stupid and without much of a point that anyone can grasp, but it is not Satanic.


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