Oregon Man Becomes Country’s First Legal ‘Gender Non-Binary’

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

A court in Oregon is allowing a man named Jamie Schupe, who was living as a woman, to be legally recognized as neither man or woman but what is called “gender non-binary”, that is, neither male or female.

It is thought to be the first such ruling in the country.

Schupe, born male, spent many years in the US Army, rising to the rank of sergeant. He says he suffered from gender dysphoria, a new classification of mental disorder that describes an unhappiness with the sex one is “assigned” — the term advocates use — at birth.

Schupe thought he was a woman so he announced that he was and upon retirement from the Army in 2013 began his “transition.”  So he holed up in a cabin in the woods and began taking hormones. Pictures from three years ago show what looks like a burly man with what looks like a wig.

Writing in the New York Times, Schupe said at the time, “I had to decide if I was going to begin living authentically as the woman that I have always been for my remaining years, or remain silent and get buried as the male that I am not by family members.”

He said he was trading in his “white male privilege to become one of America’s most hated minorities.”

Schupe says he “…now live(s) in a world where radical, conservative politicians and religious groups routinely attack my very existence with legislation to deny me basic human rights such as a bathroom that matches my gender-identity.”

Schupe says he had trouble with the Army who told him “my transition was unwelcome…” In order to change his retiree ID card he claims the Army demanded he undergo a “sex change” operation.

After all that, Schupe then decided he was in fact not a “transgender woman” and neither was he a man, he was somewhere in between, perhaps with a bit of both, perhaps neither. He says he is now “gender non-binary.”

He was able to find a lawyer to petition the state of Oregon to recognize his “non-binary” status and with the support of his long-time real-woman wife, Sandy, Schupe says, “I have my life back. I am not a male. I am not a female.”

“Gender non-binary” is one of dozens of new “gender identities” that governments are now imposing on municipalities, school districts, and on recalcitrant citizens who may look at Jamie Schupe and see nothing but a man dressed as a woman.

Former CIA analyst Stella Morabito, an expert on “gender ideology,” says the imposition of the new gender ideology is akin to Soviet propaganda, something that the typical person would not believe or agree with except for a totalitarian intervention by the state.

Morabito points out that New York City will now fine individuals and businesses up to $250,000 for “willfully” ignoring someone’s “gender identity” and using the wrong gender pronouns. Jamie Schupe, for instance, now refuses to be known as “he” or even “she” but insists on being called “they.” Other new gender pronouns including “ze” and “zir” though they are many more.


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