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Christiane Amanpour's Lovefest with Castro's Daughter

Mariela Castro’s family regime has jailed and tortured the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history, several of them suffering longer in her father’s and uncle’s dungeons than Nelson Mandela suffered in Apartheid South Africa’s.  Not that you would

Che Guevara Now A Pitch Man For Mercedes?

The top act at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week featured Mercedes Benz’ Chairman Dieter Zetsche peddling his company’s new gadgetry under a huge picture of Che Guevara, who sported the Mercedes logo on his beret. “Viva

Celebrating The Anniversary Of Che Guevera's Execution

If the Occupy Wall Street crowd thinks the NYPD is brutal, they’ve seen nothing. Che Guevara would clear the “occupation” in a New York nanosecond. His colleagues of the time recall him cheering the Soviet tanks slaughtering Hungarian freedom fighters

Ahmadinejad Humiliated In New York

As he attempted to address them this week, one third of the UN General Assembly walked out on Iranian “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Then he was pointedly snubbed by all U.S. political figures and hard-balled by the media, who grilled him

Che's Failed 9/11

On the Friday after Thanksgiving 1962 Cuban agents planned to detonate 500 kilos of TNT inside Macy’s, Gimbel’s, Bloomingdale’s and Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal. Che Guevara was the head of Cuba’s “Foreign Liberation Department” at the time. On September 11th

Maxine Waters Apologizes-To Fidel Castro

According to Maxine Waters the Tea party “can go straight to hell”. But “VIVA FIDEL!” she chanted during the rapturous reception that greeted the Stalinist dictator’s visit to Harlem’s Riverside Church on Sept. 9, 2000. The overflow crowd packed the

The Cuban Hostage Crisis

On August 5th Cuba’s Stalinist regime upheld their sentence of 15 years for U.S. citizen Alan Gross, a contractor for USAID jailed in Cuba since December 3rd, 2009 for bringing cell-phone and internet equipment into Castro’s fiefdom. Mr Gross was

Anders Breivik T-Shirts, Anyone?

At last count 32 year-old Anders Breivik is accused of 76 murders–to which he both confesses and boasts. According to the Black Book of Communism, the Castroite firing squads founded and lovingly mentored by Che Guevara, murdered from 12-14 thousand

George McGovern Snubbed By 'Old Friend' Fidel Castro

This week a heartbroken George Mc Govern left Havana without a visit with Fidel Castro, who was busy tending to his cancer-stricken Venezuelan Sugar-Daddy. “Castro is very shy and sensitive,” gushed McGovern after his first Cuban visit in 1975. “I

A Grateful Cuban Refugee Says Thanks To America

When Cuban refugees by the thousands landed amidst “gun and religion-clinging people” with ingrained “antipathy to people who aren’t like them,” the potential for trouble was enormous. When young southern Americans just starting the travails (and joys) of careers and

Rapper Who Hails Stalinist Mass-Murderer Invited To White House

For inviting the rapper-“poet” named “Common,” to the White House, our First Lady is currently taking some heat. Common’s lyric, it appears, are a trifle “racy,” plus in his “poetry,” he hails Black-Panther/Cop-killer Joanne “Assata Shakur” Chesimard. But for inviting

Fidel Castro 'Horrified' By Bin Laden Death

“The assassination of an unarmed human being while surrounded by his own relatives is something abhorrent. Assassinating him and sending him to the depths of the sea shows fear and insecurity, (and) turns him into a much more dangerous figure.”

Castro and Che's Foiled (and Forgotten) 9/11

Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a.k.a., Carlos the Jackal “I’m proud of the path of Osama bin Laden,” gushed Ilich Ramírez Sánchez from a French prison in 2002. Ramirez was also known during the 1970’s as “Carlos the Jackal,” and “The World’s

Fidel Castro 'Resigns!'

The MSM is all aflutter, atwitter and agape over Cuba’s Communist Party “Congress” this week where Fidel Castro (84), former Cuban “President,” and “First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party,” officially “resigned” his position as “First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party.”

Che Guevara at the Bay of Pigs

Castro and his groupies hail The Bay of Pigs as his crowning glory: “Imperialism’s First Defeat!” Never mind that Castro’s forces got one of the most inglorious stompings in modern military history. Castro and his groupies hail Che Guevara as

Jimmy Carter Charms The Castro Brothers In Havana

Embracing a recent invitation by the Castro brothers Jimmy Carter visited Cuba this week. “We greeted each other as old friends,” gushed Carter regarding his meeting with Fidel Castro. “In 2002, we received him warmly,” reciprocated Castro. “Now, I reiterated

Che Guevara's Cameo in Madison

Whew! Good thing he wasn’t a Tea-partier caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Benito Mussolini and clone Augusto Pinochet! Instead he was a union protestor in Madison Wisconsin caught on camera saying he wants to vote for

Castro Torture-Victim Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

When a smitten Jesse Jackson yelled “Viva Che!– Viva Fidel!” alongside the latter at the University of Havana in 1984 with Jeremiah Wright (among Jackson’s entourage) clapping wildly from the sidelines, the world’s longest suffering black political prisoner languished in

Marco Rubio Rattles Some Big Beltway Cages

Marco Rubio enjoyed major Tea party support. A major goal of Tea parties is to take-on and shake-up The Beltway establishment. Well, in his very first filed amendment, Senator Marco Rubio takes-on the Castro-lobby (witting and unwitting). Which is to

Sen. Marco Rubio vs Pres. Obama on National Security

Senator Marco Rubio means business…but not with Castro. Senator Marco Rubio’s first filed amendment seeks to enhance our national security. Naturally this entails trying to nullify a recent Obama Executive Order. Last month president Obama , finally despairing that the

Eric Holder Partners with Fidel Castro–Again

Attorney General has his finger out here, and has is finger in some issues that seem to support Fidel’s interests more than the those of the U.S. This week the U.S. Dept. of Justice, at U.S. taxpayer expense, transported a

Time Magazine Still Stuck on Che Guevara

Time Magazine just listed Che Guevara among the world’s top 25 political icons. Che ranks number 9, between Adolph Hitler (8) and Ronald Reagan (10). Mao Tse Tung ranks 3rd, Genghis Khan 5th, and Mohandas Gandhi 1st. So okay, Time’s