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The System Worked

May 21, 2013: Apple CEO Tim Cook called before Congress to get a scolding for failing to pay more federal taxes than the company legally owed. May 29, 2013: Apple CEO Tim Cook announces he has hired recently departed EPA

Paging Lewis Carroll

From the Dept. of Crumbling Empires: via the Daily Mail, MI5 ex-chief Stella Rimington has a fever, and the only cure is Moar Police State: The former head of MI5 Dame Stella Rimington has called for British people to inform

Celebrity Math

In response to The Craziest Photo from the White House Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet: + =

NY Times: Anti-Satire Suicide Bombers

In response to The New York Times ‘News Analysis:’ Review of Tsarnaev’s Tweets Reveals a ‘Holden Caufield-Like Adolescent Alienation’: How in hell is anyone supposed to make a living as a satirist when the New York Times keeps upping the

Welcome to the University of America

In response to Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was on Terrorist Watch List: Liz, not only did DHS/FBI ignore terrorism warnings from Russia, it seems they actually tried to persuade Canada to delay arresting the alleged Al Qaeda plotters of a train attack.

Dragged Kicking and Screaming to Their Own Job

In response to Gosnell and Media Bias: Remember when journalists reported news to the public, not the other way around? In dribs and drabs, it appears national media are finally being shamed into offering some coverage of the Gosnell trial: 

A Modest Proposal

Gun ownership in Illinois is, well, an adventure.  On my birthday last year I visited the delightfully-named ‘Smoke N Gun’ in Waukegan and applied for a state FOID (firearm owner identification) card. For those who are unfamiliar, possession of an

Yours, Mine and Ours

In response to A further thought on the collective ‘ownership’ of children: One of the creepier features of lefty language is the application of possessive pronouns. “My” is for rights (real or imagined), “your” is for responsibilities, “our” is for

That Goes Double for Comedy

In response to Another Post Begging for Good Storytelling: At the expense of linking to BuzzFeed, I completely agree with Ben Howe’s analysis. If conservatives want to be in the narrative biz, they need to step up their game. And if

Cesar H. Chavez

In response to How Google celebrates Easter: I can’t get too worked up over Google’s selection of Cesar Chavez for their Easter Sunday Doodle. They’re a private multinational corporation, after all, and Christians aren’t their only customers. I’m sure they

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