Tale of the Tape: Touré vs Ben Carson

  Toure’  Ben Carson 
 Full name  Toure’ Neblett  Benjamin S. Carson, MD 
 Age 42  61 
 Birthplace Boston, MA   Detroit, MI
 Profession saying stuff on fringe cable
 Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery,Johns Hopkins Hospital; Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, and Pediatrics,Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
 Education Milton Academy Prep;  Emory (dropped out); one year, Columbia U creative writing program  Detroit Southwest High; Yale (honors); University of Michigan Medical School
 Major Accomplishments   writing about celebrities; saying stuff on fringe cable network  Performed 12,000 surgeries on children with brain, spinal cord, and other congenital disorders; first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins; Author of over 100 articles in peer-
reviewed medical and scientific journals and 3 New York Times best sellers

 Awards  featured in 2001 “Best
American Sportswriting” for article on Dale Earnhardt Jr.
 Presidential Medal of Freedom;  American Academy of Achievement; 38 honorary doctorates from universities
around the world
 How they think about
each other
 thinks Carson is a token,  refers to him”GOP’s black
 doesn’t think of Toure at all


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