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In response to Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was on Terrorist Watch List:

Liz, not only did DHS/FBI ignore terrorism warnings from Russia, it seems they actually tried to persuade Canada to delay arresting the alleged Al Qaeda plotters of a train attack. Thankfully the RCMP was a little more concerned about their citizens than DHS was about ours.

To this farce we can now add the news that the Tsarnaev brothers were (allegedly) state-sponsored terrorists. The state was Massachusetts.

More mounting evidence that the United States government has made official policy of the happyface “Other”-fetishizing delusions of 1990s campusthink. We resemble less a leading western industrial democracy than a third rate Midwestern cow college, lorded over by a phalanx of Diversity Officers and Assistant Vice Provosts for Inclusion. 

Ignore warnings from Russia and Canada? I’m surprised that Dean Napolitano didn’t write them up for violating the student speech code.


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