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Researchers Say Dating Apps Like Tinder Easily Hacked

Researchers from the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab have discovered that using simple exploits, they could uncover sensitive data, like location and message history, for users of 9 dating apps for iOS and Android, including Tinder, Bumble and OK Cupid.

China Hurtles Past US in Race to Build Quantum Computers

China’s recent advances in quantum technologies, including the launch of a quantum satellite and the announcement of a $10 billion quantum computing center, have Western scientists concerned as to whether the United States and its allies will be able to match them in developments.

Facebook plans to invest $1 billion into original content for streaming

Democrats Push for Ban on Political Ads from Foreign Companies on Social Media

Democrats in both the House and the Senate want to put a ban on political advertisements on social media that are paid for by foreign companies, sending a letter to the FEC asking them to consider new rules about online advertising. The letter came two weeks after Facebook revealed to Congress that a Russian account had paid for 3,000 ads between June 2015 and May 2017.

Hackers behind the $81 million heist from the Bangladesh central bank have likely been involved in a series of attacks on the financial system, a US security firm has concluded

Report: Hackers Snuck Malware in Privacy Software CCleaner Update

Hackers installed a backdoor system into the popular security application CCleaner, according to reports. Version 5.33 was issued back on August 15, and was undetected until September 13. According to Avast, the parent company of Piriform, around 2.27 million users ran the affected software.

Spanish Regulator Fines Facebook $1.4 Million for Privacy Breach

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has fined Facebook 1.2 million euros, or just over $1.4 million dollars, for breaching the country’s data protection and privacy regulations. The fine follows an investigation into how the social media giant collects, stores and uses data which found it did not obtain the proper user consent necessary beforehand.

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Uber Faces FBI Probe Over Secret ‘Hell’ Program

Uber has confirmed that it is cooperating with the FBI who has launched an investigation into its “Hell” software, over concerns it illegally tracked the positions of Lyft drivers, its major competitor in the ride-sharing business.

YouTube CEO Claims Discrimination Rampant In Tech Industry

The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, responded in Fortune to the recent viewpoint diversity memo by James Damore. She claimed that she had faced massive discrimination for being a woman working in the technology industry, and that implicit biases still exist within it, despite exact claims to the contrary in Damore’s memo.

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Spotify Virtue Signals Against Trump Travel Ban

Spotify has launched an artistic collaboration called “I’m with the banned,” in an effort to protest against President Trump’s travel ban, which was recently put back into effect after a previous court order against it was struck down.

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Obama Foundation To Push For Improved Digital Citizenship

Glenn Brown, the Chief Digital Officer of the Obama Foundation, announced in a blog post that the Foundation was requesting input from ordinary citizens on what they thought the best model of “digital citizenship” was, and how they could push the concept forward.