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Trump Interview: ‘Admire Palin,’ Political Media ‘Amazingly Dishonest,’ Real Climate Change ‘Nuclear’

In the Palin Update radio program released Monday, host Kevin Scholla interviews 2016 Presidential candidate and American success story Donald Trump, who offers his admiration of Governor Palin, his take on the “amazingly dishonest” political media, taking on “weak, ineffective” politicians in both major political parties, the pathetic treatment of veterans, “nuclear climate change,” his run for the White House, and how he plans to make America great again.

Scott Walker (Whitney Curtis / Getty)

Walker to ALEC: Cancel Iran Deal, Defund Planned Parenthood

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin told attendees at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Thursday morning in San Diego that if elected President in 2016, he would cancel the nuclear deal with Iran on day one in office. He also said that Planned Parenthood should be defunded for its role in benefiting from abortions.

Bowe Bergdahl (U.S. Army / Getty)

Bowe Bergdahl Caught in NorCal Pot Farm Raid

Accused military deserter Bowe Bergdahl was caught in the middle of Mendocino County law enforcement raid Tuesday morning on a marijuana farm allegedly operated by old friends of the soldier, who remains on active duty while awaiting court martial on desertion charges, and was on approved leave during his visit to the farm.


Protesters Against ‘The Donald’ Trumped by Supporters at Border

2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump’s arrival in Laredo, Texas was met with a mix of a modest number of protesters as well as supporters, but the protesters did not last throughout the days events. A healthy contingent of supporters; however, greeted the Donald in a meeting of law enforcement officials which cheered Trump while supporters outside also cheered him on.

Mount Soledad Cross (Sandy Huffaker / Getty)

Private Group Buys Land Under Mt. Soledad Cross

After two decades of battling over the fate of the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial and the cross that stands atop it, the federal land under the memorial has been sold to the private Mount Soledad Memorial Association in a $1.4 million fair value exchange.

North Korea love (Chung Sung-Jun / Getty)

Leftists Advertise North Korea Vacation; Hope to Change U.S. Policy

The ANSWER Coalition, a well known far-left organization, is inviting Americans to join a “unique opportunity to travel to North Korea.” The group claims that the government-guided trip will show participants that “corporate-owned mainstream media” has “demonized” the country’s dictatorship, and that the United States of America should normalize relations with North Korea as it has done with Cuba.

First Computer ENIAC (Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty)

Republican Consultants at ‘Reboot': We Have the Tech Thing Now

Over the weekend, political hacks and techies converged for the second annual Reboot Conference in San Francisco. Chief technology directors of campaigns–including Barack Obama’s Organizing for America, along with several Republican campaigns–joined a panel that advised the campaign tech crowd.


McCain Calls Some Arizonans ‘Crazies’ ‘Fired Up’ by Trump

Trump has been decrying the lax state of immigration enforcement in the U.S. and related problem of sanctuary cities. He has brought to national attention the stories of families killed by illegal aliens. Since his announcement, Trump has catapulted to the top of polls for 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls. “Now he galvanized them,” McCain said. “He’s really got them activated.”

AP Photo

‘Hoax’ Kidnapping Not a Hoax After All

A woman and her boyfriend, previously accused by police of concocting a kidnapping hoax, have been vindicated as the FBI has determined the kidnapping to be very much real, with a suspect apprehended.

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