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Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons

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Trump Rally Phoenix AP

Anaheim Resolution: Condemn Trump Over ‘Divisive Rhetoric’

Anaheim’s City Council will vote Tuesday on whether to condemn GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for what one member is specifically calling “divisive rhetoric” not consistent with California, the U.S. Constitution, and Anaheim’s “inclusiveness and kindness.” A portion of the resolution

Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Donald Trump AP Photos

Cruz Confirms Kasich Alliance to Deny Trump 1,237 Delegates

The day after news broke that the presidential campaigns of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich agreed to split their efforts between Indiana on the one hand and Oregon and New Mexico on the other, Cruz confirmed that the two campaigns indeed “had conversations” and agreed to the strategy to divide and prevent GOP frontrunner Donald Trump from securing the nomination before the Republican National Convention.


Cruz Coordinates with Kasich to Block Trump

Top staff from both the Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaigns issued separate statements Sunday evening, saying they would be working in concert to prevent GOP frontrunner Donald Trump from securing enough delegates to win a first-round vote at the Republican National convention.