Billionaire Businessman Richard Branson Funds Gina Miller Anti-Brexit Campaign

Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for The Ocean Gala

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson is bankrolling a campaign to oust MPs who supported Britain leaving the European Union.

The founder of the ‘Virgin’ brand has donated tens of thousands of pounds to the Best of Britain campaign, launched Wednesday by millionaire businesswoman Gina Miller.

Mrs. Miller has promised the “biggest tactical voting effort in our history” to elect MPs who do not rule out cancelling Brexit.

Around £300,000 will be poured into 100 key seats to help elect pro-Remain candidates, with Mrs. Miller saying a massive majority for the Conservatives and Prime Minister Theresa May could result in an “elected dictatorship”.

Mrs Miller claimed to have crowdfunded the movement from about 10,000 people; however, the Daily Mail reports that Sir Richard has given the group £25,000 and provided it with office space, and even allowed Virgin chairman Peter Norris to help lead it as a board member.

“The election was more about power grabbing than strengthening the negotiating hand,” she said, adding: “Only tactical voting in this election can ensure that Parliament plays its full role in the future of our country. We need MPs to be strong and open minded about what is best for Britain.

“The idea that Parliament should simply rubber stamp a binary deal or no deal option put by a future government, and ignore any other alternative, would reduce democracy to a mere footnote.

“Whilst Brexit is a very important issue in this election, there is a much wider issue here which is about electing MPs who will stand on their principles and hold the government to account.”

Mrs. Miller achieved notoriety last year after bringing a successful High Court action forcing the Government to consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to formally being the Brexit process.

Sir Richard previously said: “The referendum was just an advisory referendum. Once people see the terms and the consequences of what’s happening, things could change.”


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