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Rick Perry announcement cropped

Team Perry Plays it Cool and Confident

Perry himself is absolutely confident that his record and message will prove to be a winning combination in the minds of voters, telling Breitbart News, “I’ll be on the debate stage. I’m a lot more interested in what we’re going to say on the debate stage than whether I’m going to be there. I’ll be there.”

fox news channel poll june 2015

GOP Presidential Debate Organizers Facing Mathematical Quandry

Looking just at these most recent numbers, if we are going to select the top ten candidates — the cutoff to participate in the debate under the current rules — we will end up with sixteen candidates who can legitimately claim to be in the “top ten,” due to the number of ties.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes But Few Friends for Hillary Clinton

Minnesota has been a fairly reliable state for the Democrats in Presidential years, and has not given its electoral votes to a Republican since voting for Richard Nixon in 1972. With Clinton reaching Wendy Davis-depths of unpopularity, however, Minnesota might not just be in play, but winnable for the eventual Republican nominee.

sarah rumpf rick perry photo by paul croteau

Exclusive — Rick Perry Warns Jeb Bush ‘Has to be Careful’ About Criticizing Texas

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Perry shared his perspective on how this campaign differs from his 2012 attempt, why he believes that his record stacks up favorably against any of his competitors, what he believes will be a major challenge for former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), his thoughts on the abuses at the VA, and a special memory he shared about time he spent with Breitbart News founder, the late Andrew Breitbart.


Exclusive — Gov. Perry on Obamatrade: ‘I Don’t Trust This President’

“I always like to preface all of this with, I’m a free trader, I’m for selling American products everywhere,” said Perry. “I’m a very strong proponent of economic development and trade. America can compete with anybody in the world…you give us a level playing field, and American workers will compete anywhere in the world. And we make good products, and our agricultural products are the best in the world.”

scott walker jeb bush marco rubio

Latest PPP Poll: Walker, Bush, Rubio Lead GOP Field

One challenge several candidates will face as they try to maintain their positions or move up in the polls is favorability ratings. A number of the Republican candidates may be near the ceiling of their potential support because of high negativity ratings, especially for those who have high name recognition; the voters have already made up their minds.

jeb bush announcement ap

Immigration Protesters Throw Jeb Bush Off His Prepared Remarks

As Bush introduced his “wonderful mom,” Barbara Bush, he was interrupted by protesters who were lined up near the back of the crowd. Taking off their jackets, the protesters — over twenty of them all in the same row — revealed bright neon yellow T-shirts that read “LEGAL STATUS IS NOT ENOUGH.”

iowa straw poll

Iowa GOP Votes to Cancel Straw Poll

The Iowa Straw Poll had been a popular event for Republican activists in Iowa since 1979. It features music, food, and a fair-like atmosphere. It was a major fundraiser for the state Republican party, which would sell thousands of tickets, and a chance for presidential candidates to establish themselves as early frontrunners or for underdogs to gain traction.

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