Shots Fired in Ferguson, One Injured

Michael Brown Sr.

Protests have once again turned violent in Ferguson, Missouri, as local news outlets report on looting and gunfire.

The protesters were present for the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, blocking several downtown streets, according to a report by St. Louis Fox affiliate, Fox 2 Now.  Police wearing riot gear were on the scene, shown in a photograph tweeted by CNN reporter Sara Sidner.

Fox 2 also reported that several bursts of gunfire were heard on West Florissant, near the Ferguson Market, around 11:15 p.m. Central Time. Bystanders on the scene reported both police and protesters ducking for cover when the shots rang out. Police units quickly converged and began searching the area. Fox 2 continued to provide updates on their Twitter account.

The St. Louis County Police Department also tweeted that “multiple shots” had been fired and asked people to leave the area. They posted photos of at least two unmarked cars that took shots and said that “a St. Louis County officer had been involved in an officer-involved shooting.”

CNN’s Sidner was interviewing the new interim Ferguson Chief of Police and caught the sound of the gunfire, and then people screaming afterwards, on video.

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