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Sarkis Zeronian

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Business Barometer Finds Companies ‘Indifferent’ To Brexit

Polling shows increasing government regulation is damaging commercial confidence more than the prospect of Brexit, which leaves businesses feeling “indifferent”. The surprise conclusion on Brexit, which contradicts the opinion of European Union (EU) cheerleaders like international bankers, big business representatives and pro-EU lobbyists at the Confederation of


Business Support For Brexit Strengthens

Official government attempts to make the economic case against Brexit risk losing traction as increasing numbers of senior British executives give their support to the Leave campaign. While the massed establishment ranks of the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the

British Prime Minister David Cameron leaves at the end of the first day of an European Council leaders' meeting in Brussels, February 19, 2016.

Pro-Brexit Thatcher Economist: PM Cameron Is A ‘Crazy Guy’ And ‘Rabble Rouser’, Government Treating Public ‘Like Fools’

One of Margaret Thatcher’s key supporters, economist Patrick Minford, has said government attempts to “terrify” households into voting for EU membership are “riddled with bias” and treat voters “like fools” . Patrick Minford, the Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School, is famed for being