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Staples Cyberattack Hits 1.16 Million Payment cards

Staples has revealed that a cyberattack that hacked into two of its stores in July and continued at 111 or more stores through September stole personal information from an estimated 1.16 million payment cards, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Carly Fiorina (AP)

Carly Hiring for President, but Really for VP

Carly Fiorina, sensing that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in 2016 and prompt the GOP to search for a woman to put on the presidential ticket, is reportedly preparing to enter the presidential campaign, likely to angle for

Some Cuban Celebrities Silent about New Cuba-US Relations

Although some Cuban celebrities in Hollywood reacted with pleasure to President Barack Obama’s announcement that the United States will normalize relations with the communist Castro regime in Cuba, those who have opposed the regime simply remained silent. The publicist for
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

White House Issues Impotent Response to Cyber Attack

The White House, in its usual impotent way, responded to the cyber attack on Sony Studios with a barrage of verbiage. White House spokesman Josh Earnest intoned that the attacks were executed by a “sophisticated actor with malicious intent… We
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Iran, China, Russia Behind Sony Cyberattack?

The FBI claims that the cyberattacks targeting Sony pictures originated from North Korea, but the attack aimed at the film The Interview may have been launched from Iran, China or Russia. The suspicion of the three other countries derives from
Super Mario Balotelli Image Twitter

Balotelli Suspended One Game, Fined $39,000 for Racist Post

The British Football Association (FA), which runs English soccer, has fined Liverpool forward Mario Balotelli $39,000 and suspended him for one game because he posted an Instagram page of Super Mario headlined “Don’t be a racist” and partially captioned "jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a Jew."

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