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Tea Party Targets Farm Subsidy/Food Stamp Bill

Tea Party Targets Farm Subsidy/Food Stamp Bill


The Tea Party is now targeting House advocates of the 2012 Farm Bill, suggesting that the bill itself is fatally flawed, and in actuality a boondoggle for food stamps. American Commitment, a Super PAC founded by former Americans for Prosperity exec Phil Kerpen, has taken out some $75,000 in ads against House members in Oklahoma, Iowa, and Missouri. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has already come out against the $957 subsidy and food stamp legislation.

These farm subsidy bills have long been dead weight for the American taxpayer – and it’s no coincidence that the food stamp program has been administered by the US Department of Agriculture, which is happy to push the farmer subsidy agenda. The more people dependent on food stamps, the more the demand for farm products. That’s the perverse cycle. Only one problem: we pay for it.

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