Nancy Pelosi: ‘Planned Parenthood Has Said That They Have Done Nothing Illegal’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended Planned Parenthood as the explosive undercover investigation continues about the organization’s willingness to discuss selling tissue from aborted babies for profit.

“Planned Parenthood has said that they have done nothing illegal,” Pelosi said during her press conference on Capitol Hill today, insisting that the corporation doesn’t charge for fetal tissue transfers, only enough money to “defray the cost of mailing.”

She criticized Republicans for threatening to shut down government rather than fund Planned Parenthood, something they have tried to do for quite some time.

“Planned Parenthood has as its top priority women’s health, that’s what it has always been about,” she insisted pointing out that “reproductive health” was only one part of what the corporation did.

She did not use the word “abortion” once during her press conference.

Pelosi called for an investigation into the practices of the Center for Medical Progress for setting up a false company to “ensnare” Planned Parenthood, to “create a controversy that doesn’t exist.”

She also insisted that there was a “disparity” between the “actual filming and the edited versions” of the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

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