Pat Caddell: Trump’s Presumptive Nomination The ‘Most Stunning Takeover of a Political Party Since William Jennings Bryan’

Pat Caddell tells  Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon that Donald Trump’s major victory in Indiana is “the most stunning takeover of a political party since William Jennings Bryan” and his transformation of the Democratic Party.

“A driving populist force over the issue of gold and silver at a time when the country was actually prosperous is actually changing into quite an industrial country and that took place,” he said. “This has never been seen in modern times,” Caddell said.

Bryan’s famous speech, where he declared at the 1896 Democratic Convention “You cannot crucify mankind on a cross of gold,” forever changed the Democratic party, Caddell said.

“Donald Trump has done this takeover — you can call it a ‘hostile’ takeover, I’ve said that sort of tongue-in-cheek — but it is,” he continued. “And it’s not he who’s taken it over, the voters have. They’ve overturned what they do not like. We’re in a… new paradigm. If you’ve look at what Trump has done in the last few weeks, it’s been… pretty amazing.” 

Trump won the Indiana primary decisively Tuesday night and has become the presumptive nominee as rivals Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to do the same. 

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