Judge Tells Defendant: ‘I Would Have Shot You’ Dead if You Broke into My House


While sentencing Idahoan Logan John Urrizaga to 15 years in prison, Fifth District Judge Randy Stoker said he would have shot Urrizaga dead if he had broken into his house.

Urrizaga’s sentencing stemmed from September 2016 charges of beating a victim with a baseball bat. KSL reports the sentence will “run concurrent to a November burglary charge” and will be served in Idaho’s “retained jurisdiction program.”

Magic Valley reports that Urrizaga turned away while Judge Stoker was talking and began whispering to his attorney. At that point, Stoker told him to pay attention and said, “If you would have broken into my home in the middle of the night, you’d be dead. I would have shot you.”

After being sentenced, Urrizaga asked to have a few days before turning himself in so that he could spend those days with his fiancée and five-year-old son. He also asked if he could give his fiancée and son a hug. Stoker denied both requests and said, “I understand that you have some stability in the community, but I’m taking you out of the community. You are going into the rider program because you need to understand the inner workings of the Idaho State Penitentiary.”

Cassia County chief deputy prosecutor McCord Larsen said Urrizaga wrote a “wonderful” apology letter to his beating victim, but Larsen claimed that Urrizaga followed that letter with social media posts belittling the victim.

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