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Rather than Reach Out to Frustrated Americans, Obama Reaches Out to…Jon Stewart


So in the last few days, Obama has met with a group of lefty bloggers, and hit the Daily Show. At a time when most of the country is deeply dissatisfied with Captain Perfect, he’s done what most men do.

He made a booty call.


Yep, rather than reach out to those who are frustrated, disaffected, or even undecided about what to do this Tuesday – he called the folks he knew would comfort him: the awestruck progressives.

Yeah, it feels good. But it doesn’t help much.

I mean, no matter what Obama does, the progs are still going to vote for him. Even the lefty bloggers – who rightly questioned the President on gay rights, will always go home with him at last call. And Stewart’s entire criticism of Obama can be boiled down to, “Hurry up, dude.”

Fact is, none of these people will ever cheat on him, so he wasted his breath.

But it underscores two key points:

One: it suggests that every thing that crazy Glenn Beck said about Obama is pretty much correct. Our President is a progressive. He said as much before, and he said it again among the bloggers. Meeting these folks – at election time – tells you what kind of crowd he prefers.

It ain’t you.

The second truth: this means goodbye to all of them. Yep, like many booty calls, it’s done to button up relationships, right before you move on to more serious commitments.

Obama knows, like Clinton did, that after a beating, you have to take your lumps and grow up. For Obama to be successful, he must realize that in a right-of-center country, the lefty cannot rule for long – no matter what your booty-call whispers in your ear.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobic bootycall-aphobe.


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