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China Mysteriously Pulls 'Django Unchained' from Country's Movie Houses

China Mysteriously Pulls 'Django Unchained' from Country's Movie Houses


Director Quentin Tarantino pours his heart into every drop of fake blood splattered across his movies. He’s unapologetic about the violence in his film canon, refusing to admit it might play any sort of role in real-world violence.

Yet when it came time to bring the Oscar-winning film to China the director personally tweaked its most graphic imagery. Even that pragmatic bit of hypocrisy wasn’t enough to guarantee Django Unchained would play in Chinese theaters.

Not yet, at least.

No official reason was given for the decision to suspend “Django Unchained,” which was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and won two Oscars in February. But there was talk among some people in the industry that brief nudity in one or two scenes had offended Chinese officials.

Will we see even more edits to the film? And if so, will producer Harvey Weinstein, who famously fought to keep the documentary Bully intact when only a few less F-bombs would have earned it a PG-13 rating, raise a peep in Django’s defense?

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