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Christians Rejoice After 'Duck Dynasty' Victory over Cultural Bullies

Christians Rejoice After 'Duck Dynasty' Victory over Cultural Bullies

The President of the Family Research Council (FRC) told Fox News that he was not completely surprised that A&E network made an “about face” and dropped its suspension of Duck Dynasty paterfamilias, Phil Robertson.  But Tony Perkins confessed to Shannon Bream on Fox News’s The Kelly File on Friday that the turnaround for A&E did come quicker than he anticipated. 

Perkins said it is “good news for Christians who feel like they have to suppress their faith and their belief in the Bible.” According to Perkins, it shows that, if you stand up to these “cultural bullies,” eventually they have to back down. Perkins explained that there are people from red states that are “very deeply” concerned with moral truths. “They are Christians who want to live out their faith” so the cultural elite like A&E and GLADD are going to have to recognize they are not going to change what they believe in.  

The FRC President warned that this is not the end of the chapter and “we have to look at what GLAAD will ultimately want to do.” This time they “aimed a little too high” by trying to silence those who disagree with them. Perkins recognizes that the “bullies” backed down this time, but they will be back. 

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