Sweden Doesn't Have a David Gregory Exception to Gun Laws

In 2010 a Swedish tabloid did an undercover expose on illegal guns circulating in the city of Malmö (Sweden’s 3rd largest city). The journalists involved decided to find out how easy it was to buy a gun illegally on the black market by buying a gun illegally on the black market. Turns out it was fairly easy.

After writing about the experience for the paper the journalists turned the illegal gun over to the police. At this point, Sweden’s version of the “David Gregory exception” to gun laws should have come in to play. Surprisingly, the Swedish police filed charges against the two journalists and their editor. Today, all three were found guilty of crimes by an appeals court:

According to the verdict issued on Tuesday by the Svea Court of Appeal,
the reporter, Diamant Salihu, is guilty of gun crimes, while Mattsson
was convicted of conspiracy to commit gun crime, alongside senior news
editor Andreas Johansson who was convicted as an accomplice.

The three journalists received a suspended sentence but will have to pay fines. All of this leads me to wonder: Why doesn’t liberal Sweden recognize the David Gregory exception to gun laws we have here in the U.S.?