Chauncey Hagel Strikes Again

In response to Chuck Hagel not exactly a Republican, for a while now:

I’m telling you, Rush nailed it back in 2002: 

“It’s almost like Peter Sellers in that movie. Oh, what was the name
of that movie? He played… (interruption) Who? Being There. Right. He
says nothing, and everybody thinks he’s the most brilliant guy in the
world. “Well, in the spring, the plants grow,” and he’s a guest on all
the talk shows for having a brilliant mind when it comes to politics.”

Hagel: I don’t know what the Republican Party is. 

Pure brilliance.

Hagel: After the American people speak in November, that gives us some new possibilities.


Hagel:  If the president is re-elected, like most two-term presidents, your fifth and sixth years can be your most productive.

Historically, those tend be what we call the lame duck years when nothing gets done – so no.

Hey, lets make this man Secretary of Defense!