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McAuliffe: I Want An Assault Weapons Ban For Virginia


Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe discussed his gun control views at a governor’s race debate in McLean, Virginia on Wednesday.

He was reminded by a moderator he supported universal background checks, limiting the size of gun magazine clips, and returning to a one gun a month rule in the Commonwealth. McAuliffe was asked if he changed his mind on his suport of the Assault Weapons Ban.

“I haven’t changed my mind. It’s a very pertinent question for tonight. Obviously after the tragedy we just had at the Navy Yards–the tragedy we had in Virginia at Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown, Connecticut. As a father and as a husband. I can speak for everybody in this audience,” McAuliffe said.

He continued,  “We drop our children off at school and we drop our loved ones off at work. I want to know they’re going to be safe–that our communities are safe. It’s so important. That’s why I’m for responsible gun ownership. I have called for universal background checks. My opponent doesn’t support that. I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I’m a hunter. I own guns. I’ve gone through background checks.”

“They take just a couple of minutes. We have a gigantic loophole in Virginia. You can buy guns through mail order. You can go to these gun show loopholes. There are certain individuals who just should not own a gun. They’re individuals with mental illness. I think this is such a critical issue. How many people have to be killed until we wake up and have sensible gun ownership,” he concluded.

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