Palestinians Blame Israel For Apparent Retaliatory Murder of Teen

In an apparent retaliation for the three Israeli teens found dead in the West Bank a few days ago, the body of a Palestinian teen was found in a wooded area west of Jerusalem, igniting clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police over the probably retaliation.

Like clockwork, the Palestinian Government, which is made up with Hamas, is blaming Israel and  looking for heads to role. It is also important to note that Israel blamed Hamas for the killings of the Israeli teens, and has already stepped up their targeting of Hamas assets.

 The discovery comes after mobs of Israeli extremists protested in Jerusalem on Tuesday, calling for revenge for the murder of the Israeli teens, Haaretz reported. Five Palestinians were attacked, two of whom required medical treatment, and 50 people were arrested after violent confrontations with police in the capital’s center for several hours.

 Israel has accused Hamas of abducting and killing the three teens, and has arrested hundreds of its members across the West Bank. Rocket fire from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has meanwhile intensified, and been met with Israeli air strikes.