WATCH: Video Shows How Easy It Is To Claim To Be A Refugee

Serbia refugee camp video

How easy is to be classified as a Syrian refugee in a Europe with porous borders, a gullible bureaucracy and a commitment to an open-ended asylum seeker intake? Quite easy, as it turns out.

A video shot by Danny Ghosen for the Dutch television programme 3onderzoekt reveals that all it takes is the simple claim that you are a displaced Syrian with no papers for your asylum application to be immediately approved in a migrant camp in Croatia.

See for yourself in the clip below:

Ghosen simply pretended to be a refugee called Qalid Gasan. He then bluffed his way through a medical exam and rudimentary bureaucratic administration, all under police surveillance.

According to Ghosen, he stayed in the camp for one night before easily escaping by climbing over a barbed wire fence and running away.

The journalists of 3onderzoekt travelled to the border of Croatia and Serbia two weeks ago to catalogue what is happening on the ground with Syrian refugees now making their way across Europe. Their documentary will be broadcast in October.

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