Lakers Desperately Campaign to Resign Howard

Lakers Desperately Campaign to Resign Howard

The Los Angeles Lakers and their fans, known for their swagger, are suddenly down on their knees publicly, begging Dwight Howard to stay. Howard is free to sign with any team on July 1. If Howard leaves, it won’t be for a lack of funds on the Lakers’ side; they have enough to give him $20 million more than anyone else.

Some examples of Lakers’ desperation:

  1. General Manager for the Lakers Mitch Kupchak has told Howard: “The message is simple: We care about you and we want you to stay.”
  2. Lakers fans have started a Twitter campaign with a hashtag, “#StayD12.”
  3. Two billboards near Staples Arena feature pictures of Howard with one word emblazoned on them: “STAY.”
  4. Another picture of Howard is featured over a Los Angeles building.

Perhaps being a Laker isn’t quite what it used to be.