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This combination of files pictures created on June 5, 2017 shows Mayor of London Sadiq Khan after visiting Borough High Street in London on June 5, 2017, the site of the June 3 terror attack, near to Borough Market and US President Donald Trump during his meeting with the Israeli President at his residence in Jerusalem on May 22, 2017. US President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan on June 5, 2017, in the second such condemnation in the 48 hours since a terror attack in the British capital. Trump accused Khan of offering a 'pathetic excuse' for comments that Trump earlier misconstrued about policing in response to Saturday's attack, which left seven people dead.Khan had told Londoners there was 'no reason to be alarmed' about an increased police presence in the coming days. / AFP PHOTO / AFP PHOTO AND POOL / Odd ANDERSEN AND ATEF SAFADI (Photo credit should read ODD ANDERSEN,ATEF SAFADI/AFP/Getty Images)

Delingpole: Donald Trump Trolls Londonistan Like a Boss…

President Trump has offended pretty much the entirety of Britain’s political and media establishment up to and including the Prime Minister, the Mayor of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury. As a result, the Special Relationship is once more in jeopardy, and Trump has decided to cancel a planned working visit to the United Kingdom.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage (right) poses with US President-elect Donald Trump in New York

TELEGRAPH: Farage — The Elitists Mocked my Faith in Donald Trump, But One Year on His Revolution is Still Rolling

At the annual Spectator Awards Dinner last November, I went on stage to receive a prize – something l don’t mind admitting is pretty unusual. During my acceptance speech, I mentioned that I was about to go to Washington DC in expectation of Donald Trump’s victory in the forthcoming Presidential election. This comment was met with boos, jeers and condescending laughter from everybody in the room including the Prime Minister, Theresa May.