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Feds, State Demand Texas Education Agency Fix Special Education

The U.S. Department of Education determined that a decline in special education services offered to Texas school children resulted from policies instituted by the Texas Education Agency. These policies prevented eligible students from having access to valuable educational programs.

Texas Ed Officials Hope STAAR Upgrades Will Prevent Test Glitches

Annual standardized testing begins in Texas this week and state education officials feel confident that the millions of dollars spent on system improvements and upgrades will prevent the many problems experienced last year when administering the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness also known as the STAAR.

Homeschoolers Question Texas ‘School Choice’ Bill

While President Donald Trump champions “school choice” on a national level and Governor Greg Abbott pledges to sign such a bill into law should one make it to his desk, some Texas homeschoolers question one piece of proposed school choice policy before the Legislature, Senate Bill 3.

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Texas Schools Rebuff ‘A-F’ Ratings

An increasing number of Texas school boards are pushing back against the State’s revamped public school accountability system by passing resolutions that call for lawmakers to repeal a new A-F ratings scale.

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Texas Shows Drop in Failing Schools

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) released its annual Public Education Grant (PEG) List that identifies failing schools across the state. The new list reflected almost a 10 percent decrease from last year’s dismal findings but remains noticeably higher than two years ago.

$1.35M Jumbotron at Center of Texas School Board Suit

The question of how one Texas school district plans to pay for its $1.35 million state-of-the-art jumbotron system exploded when four newly-elected board members filed a lawsuit to stop a vote they believed would have saddled area taxpayers with those costs.

Texas School Wastes $1.35M on Sports Jumbotron

Texans love high school football and pump exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars into funding NFL-style stadiums, but now one school boasts a brand new $1.35 million state-of-the-art jumbotron system, only it remains unclear how the district plans to pay for it.