Police: Ohio Woman Posted Snapchat Video of Her Alleged Rape by Step-Grandfather

Alleged Rapist Ottawa County Sheriff's Office
Ottawa County Sheriff's Office

An Ohio man accused of raping his 20-year-old step-granddaughter was arrested after police discovered a Snapchat video posted Tuesday showing the alleged sexual assault.

James Allen, 77, the victim’s step-grandfather, was arrested in Danbury Township and charged with rape the same day the video appeared on Snapchat, Fox News reported.

The victim’s friend notified police once she saw the video.

Ottawa County Prosecutor James VanEerten said the video was clear evidence that the sexual assault took place.

VanEerten added that it was unclear if the woman, who appeared to be intoxicated while recording the video, live-streamed the sexual assault or posted it at a later time.

“The most upsetting thing about this is that this is her step-grandfather,” Danbury Township Police Chief Michael S. Meisler told Buzzfeed News. “He married her biological grandmother. He was the one who provided her with the alcohol that evening.”

VanEerten urged social media users to stop sharing the video of the attack.

Allen is being held in Ottawa County’s detention facility on $1 million bond. He made his first court appearance Wednesday and told a judge he planned to hire an attorney.