Oklahoma Man Wraps Lamborghini in Trump-Themed Graphics


A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is using his extremely expensive car to show his support for President Trump.

Businessman Steve Currington, who is also known as Lambro Steve, said he wrapped his Lamborghini in Trump-themed graphics because he wanted to spark conversation with people of all political beliefs, according to KTUL.

So far, the overall reaction to his car has been positive with only a few negative responses.

“We have people wanting to take pictures with it, families grandma, grandparents, kids just wanting to get a picture with the president on the side of the car,” Currington said, adding, “Some guy drove past me and gave me the bird. People that are not Trump fans are mean.”

The mortgage banker said his car is fueled by “liberal tears,” which cost him nothing.

“So for instance, when Trump pointed out to Bernie that we can’t afford to give everyone free college, Bernie cried. And the tears from Bernie powered my Lamborghini for a week. It was amazing,” he jokingly explained.

Currington’s windshield reads “Total Acquittal,” just above a picture of Trump standing in front of a giant American flag.

“His head is on the roof because I wanted people as I come up behind you to be able to see that Trump is watching you. The president is watching you,” he explained.

Last week, Currington posted photos of the Lamborghini to his Instagram account next to a caption that read “Swipe to Make Liberals Cry”:

“Can I come do a shoot with that work of art sometime?” one user asked.

“You made some people get really mad about your car last night it was amazing and btw my parents love it,” another added.

Currington said now that he has driven the car around Oklahoma, he hopes to drive to California in the near future. However, his ultimate goal is to show the $240,000 car to the president himself.

The Lamborghini lover said he does not think Trump will lose the election in November, but if he does, “it is what it is,” he concluded.


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