Alex Marlow: Melania Trump’s Rags-to-Riches Life Story Appeals to All Americans

President Donald Trump joins first lady Melania Trump on stage after her speech to the 2020 Republican National Convention from the Rose Garden of the White House, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

First Lady Melania Trump’s “rag-to-riches” story appeals to all Americans while dispelling the Democrat Party’s bleak characterization of America, said Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Wednesday, offering his remarks on the latest episode of TAC Right Now, a podcast from the American Conservative.

Marlow joined Rachel Bovard, senior director of the Conservative Partnership Institute, to evaluate the week’s ongoing Republican National Convention (RNC) with hosts Helen Andrews, Arthur Bloom, and Ryan Girdusky  He praised Melania Trump as the star of Tuesday’s RNC speakers.

“The story of the night was Melania,” declared Marlow. “I think she’s unbelievable, one of the most underrated people, not just as a first lady and as a Trump, but in terms of people who are contributors to American life and culture. She’s taken so many slings and arrows being a cultural figure.”

Marlow continued, “The content of her speech was so epic: throwdowns on communism, appeals to patriotism, [and] appeals to unity. There was so much content in there that I thought was both uplifting and unifying, and a stern rebuke of the incredible darkness and gloominess of the Democrats’ message that we heard all last week.”

Melania Trump’s life story is illustrative of the American Dream, assessed Marlow.

“This is a hopeful story — a rags-to-riches story — and something that really is only possible in the United States. Now, granted, if you’re as beautiful as Melania, then it certainly helps your case. But it is an amazing story, and I think her story appeals to all Americans.”


The Associated Press described Sevnica — the town in Slovenia where Melania Trump grew up during the coutnry’s former communist era —  as “a sleepy industrial town.” It wrote, “She grew up in Communist-era apartment blocks overlooking a river and ever-smoking factory chimneys,” noting that her father was a car dealer and her mother worked in a textile factory.

Breitbart News’s Penny Starr visited and profiled Sevnica in a 2017. The profile featured a description of  the “First Lady tour,” a two-hour walking trip that winds through the streets to visit shops that carry White House slippers and Prva Dama (First Lady) apple pie.

Marlow urged President Donald Trump and Republicans to emphasize the benefits of improved immigration policies for some American minorities,.

“I would love to hear more conversation about immigration and visas,” Marlow stated. “It isn’t just about illegal immigration. It’s about legal immigration, as well. We can’t have tens of millions of new unemployed people and be importing a new class of people who compete with them for jobs and wages.”

Marlow added, “I think there are many people in the president’s inner circle who think a strong immigration policy doesn’t project well — that it projects as racist — and that’s the opposite of the case. It actually protects minority workers who are Americans more than any other group, arguably.”

Marlow concluded, “That’s the fear I have, that they’re so afraid of the charge of being called racist that they’re going to run away from [a strong immigration policy]. It’s really been a remarkable year on the immigration agenda … and they should be touting that.”

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