***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Minnesota Rally

MOSINEE, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 17: US President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally at Central Wisconsin Airport on September 17, 2020 in Mosinee, Wisconsin. According to recent polls, former Vice President Joe Biden has a slight lead over Trump in the state. Trump is expected to campaign in …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Friday evening rally in Bemidji, Minnesota.

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9:08 PM: Another energetic rally in the books. Trump heads to North Carolina tomorrow before traveling to Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania next week.

9:04 PM: Trump, as energetic as ever, says Minnesotans have “good genes” and talks about the “race-horse theory.”

8:59 PM: A loud pop when Trump talks about “patriotic education.” He rips the DNC for leaving “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. He says “that’s what they are going to do.” “They don’t want God, they don’t want guns, they don’t want oil,” Trump says of Democrats. Trump wonders how Democrats can even compete in Texas with those beliefs. Trump insists Texas isn’t in play just like it wasn’t in 2016.

8:55 PM: After introducing Members of Congress from Minnesota, Trump vows to make America the manufacturing capital of the world in the next four years and end the country’s reliance on China. Trump says people should not vote for Democrats “out of habit.” Trump says he thinks “we’re breaking those habits” quickly.

Trump promises to hire more police and ban deadly sanctuary cities. He promises to nominate justices and judges who will interpret the Constitution as it is written.

8:50 PM: Trump now ripping Amazon’s Bezos for buying to Washington Post in a “lobbyist deal” and says all of the outlet’s Pulitzer Prizes should be returned. Trump says the people who got the Russia Collusion story right should be given Pulitzers.

8:47 PM: Trump says Biden can’t carry Mike Pence’s “jock strap” and rips Biden for criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the Coronavirus. Trump says Biden says Trump made a mistake when he banned travel from China.

8:40 PM: Trump, after talking up the economy and low drug prices before the Coronavirus, says “you have an obligation to vote for the guy that got you there.” Trump says next year will be a record-setting year for the economy. He is now polling the audience on “Slow Joe” versus “Sleepy Joe” and the crowd cheers for “Sleepy Joe.”

Trump says Biden is going to “shut down your Iron Range.” Trump rips past administrations for enabling the  dumping of garbage “crap” steel. Trump says “Obama took your Iron Range away.” Trump says because of trade issues, there are politicians who were elected as Democrats all over the country endorsing Trump.

8:35 PM: Trump says he’s tired of repeating everything he has done for all of the states and still doesn’t believe he is down nine points in Minnesota after talking about negotiating a deal for the new Air Force One.

8:25 PM: After praising Mike Lindell’s commercials, Trump mocks Biden for not even knowing what China is….He says he is doing his “highly-rated” news conferences before screaming “maniacs.” Trump says they don’t treat “Sleepy Joe” like that. He says Biden would cry and say “get me out of here” if he faced the scathing questions Trump gets every day.

Trump says on November 4, the press will say that Trump “did a damn good job” if “the other clown” is elected.

Trump now talking about “price transparency.”

8:20 PM: Trump says we have the most powerful weapons ever conceived by man… Trump says he wasn’t giving away classified information, just saying we have weapons nations could not even imagine. Trump says all he is doing is telling the world America has the most powerful weapons ever conceived by man.

8:13 PM: Trump says if Biden wins, China wins and then claims he saved the Iron Range.  Trump says he is only in the White House because the O’Biden administration did “such a crappy job.”

Trump says Kamala Harris tried to “Me-Too” Biden and tried to call him a “racist.” He says Biden’s campaign appearances are “pathetic.” Trump says he has an obligation to watch Biden’s town hall events because Biden is his competition.

Trump says Biden can’t do the job of being president because he is not “sharp.” He says the powers of the presidency are too great to give to someone incompetent and not “sharp” like Biden. He says Xi, Putin, Kim Jong-Un are as “sharp as you can be.”

8:10 PM: Trump says after they saved the Jackson statue, nobody has showed up in four months because they don’t want to go to jail for 10 years. Trump says, like ISIS, they are ripping down history and destroying greatness.

8:08 PM: Trump now mocks Fox for  hiring Donna Brazile. He wonders how he beat Hillary in the debates even though she had all of the questions in advance.

Trump praises the DC police. He claims they “charged” when his chief of staff said so and prevented the Andrew Jackson statue from being ripped down. He says they “beat the hell out of these guys.”

Now he’s back to talking about jailing people who take down statues for 10 years and how that stopped the rioters from targeting statutes.

8:07 PM: Trump says the only thing the “anarchists” understand is “strength.”

8:05 PM: Trump rips the agitators for “not having any idea what they are doing” and for being a “bunch of thugs” for ripping down statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and even Gandhi.

Trump talks up Robert E. Lee, saying the South would have won the Civil War had it not been for Gettysburg. He says there weren’t cell phones back then to tell the troops to never fight uphill.

8:00 PM: Trump says he was in DC 17 times before he became president and never slept over. He then says on his inauguration day he had everything walking down Pennsylvania Avenue–he had police, he had military, he had soldiers, so much power and strength….

He keeps reminiscing about going in the White House to live for the first time and then jabs the Clintons for leasing out the Lincoln Bedroom.

Trump says people have said the only person who got worse press than Trump was Lincoln. Trump thinks Lincoln may have gotten bad press but he has gotten the worst.

7:58 PM: Trump says “Concast” and “MSDNC” are “sick people” who don’t want to report the news. Trump says CNN is “one of the greatest jokes of all time.” Trump wonders how they are using public airwaves for free without getting licenses. Trump says they have to report the truth when using airwaves. He says Comcast spends a fortune in public relations and he ruins it by calling them “Concast.”

Trump says “we’re trying to be a terrible group of deep-state people.”

7:56 PM: Trump says today Biden delivered remarks, “barely,” to unions after spending 47 years sending their jobs overseas.

Trump now wonders if Ilhan Omar married her brother and says the writer of that story should be given the Pulitzer.

7:52 PM: Trump, obviously unaware of Ruth Ginsburg’s passing, floats nominating Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to the Supreme Court. He says he’d get 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats who want to get him out of the Senate. Trump then stresses the importance of the Supreme Court in the election.

Trump now says the enthusiasm gap in 2020 is the greatest they have ever polled.

Trump says Biden’s supporters are only excited about beating Trump, and he says historically those candidates don’t win.

Trump says Hannity says you wouldn’t want Biden to run a McDonalds stand so you can’t vote for him to run the country.

He says he ended Jeb’s career by saying he was low-energy, but Joe is “off the scale. Joe’s got nothing going.”

7:49 PM: Trump says AOC “controls Pelosi” and Pelosi would love to get rid of her. Now he’s mocking Pelosi for going to a beauty salon without a mask and getting caught.

7:46 PM: Trump going off on Russia Collusion and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Acid-washing. Getting rid of phones with hammers. Trump says Hillary claimed the emails were for yoga lessons. Trump says if they were indeed for yoga lessons, Hillary wasn’t getting her money’s worth.

Trump says think about how angry it makes him when he thinks about this because Democrats are held to a different standard. Trump still going off on Jeff Sessions for recusing himself and allowing Hillary “to get away with that.” Trump says “maybe there is something they can do.” Trump says he guarantees her emails are in the State Department and they should find them.

7:40 PM: Trump says if Biden is elected, people like Ilhan Omar, who has done “so many criminal acts,” will influence him. Trump says it’s a “damn disgrace” that Omar is able to get away with it.

Trump claims AOC spent “$2 million on bullshit” and if Republicans did that they’d be in jail.

7:38 PM: Trump says Biden doesn’t even know what “science” is and mock Biden for drawing circles on the ground because he can’t draw crowds and Biden has to save face. Trump says now they are doing roundtables with Biden because they are embarrassed by the circles.


7:37 PM: Trump says he just saw a poll that showed him down nine in Minnesota.

“I don’t think so,” Trump says. “It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”


7:36 PM: Trump says “we’re rounding the turn on Covid” and says a vaccine is coming. Trump says this is an “amazing country” and “we’re not going to let radical left socialist/communists take over our country.”


7:35 PM: Trump rips “Democrat-run disasters” and says all that was needed was the National Guard to come in and stop the rioting. Trump says if they have any more flare ups, they’ll send them in again.

7:31 PM: Trump talks about Ali Velishi saying the protesters were peaceful while a city was burning behind him wonders if he should shave his head like Velishi.  Crowd says “no” and Trump says he would go down 21 points in the polls if he shaved his head.

7:29 PM: Trump talks about rioters rampaging across Minnesota and says the good police officers are “not allowed to do their job.” Trump says they were told to leave the precinct and the “rioters” knocked the place down.

Trump this would have never happened under New York Mayors Fiorello La Guardia and Rudy Giuliani.

7:28 PM: Trump says he was motivated to get Big Ten football back after Biden ran a commercial blaming him for football not starting on time.

7:27 PM: Trump says he is “your wall between the American Dream and chaos.”

“I’m your wall,” Trump says.

Trump says he once asked a Senator who is the dumbest Senator and the Senator answered “Joe Biden.” Trump says this was 25 years ago.

7:25 PM: Trump says “Sleepy Joe” will turn Minnesota into a “refugee camp” and overwhelm your childrens’ schools, overcrowd their schools, and inundate their hospitals. Trump also says Biden will get rid of the jihadist travel ban and open the floodgates to terrorists.

Trump says his administration deported numerous illegal alien Somalies today and “your children are much safer as a result. Thank you President Trump.”

7:22 PM: Trump tells Minnesotans one of the most important issues is refugees. Trump then ask how the hell did Ilhan Omar win re-election.

“It’s unbelievable,” Trump says.

Trump says everyone needs to know Sleepy Joe’s plan to flood the state with Somali refugees. He says Biden has promised a 700 percent increase in the importation of refugees from the most dangerous places in the world, including Yemen, Syria, and Somalia.

Trump says Minnesota will be “overrun and destroyed” if Biden and and the radical left wins.

Trump says they allow people to blow up things and loot while they are protesting and says he decided to call his rallies “protests against stupidity.”

7:17 PM: An energetic Trump thanks the audience for attending the rally on “fast notice.” Trump says he’s going to win Minnesota because Democrats did nothing for Minnesota except close up the state. Trump says a lot of people “weren’t treated right” until he came along.

7:16 PM: Trump exits the airplane and is ready to start the rally. This is the first time a U.S. president has visited Bemidji.

7:02 PM: Air Force One is landing and the rally should get started soon. Another high-energy crowd.

6:55 PM: Biden says he’s confident as he follows Trump around the Midwest after the president called out “Hidin’ Biden” for staying in his “basement.”

6:50 PM: Air Force One expected to arrive shortly.


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