WATCH– Minnesota Trump Supporter: ‘90%+ Probability’ State Will Go Red in November

Two of President Donald Trump’s supporters in Minnesota agreed Friday that he has a bigger silent majority backing him this year than he did in 2016.

Breitbart News asked one Trump rally attendee in Bemidji, Minnesota, if he believed there was a possibility the state might flip from blue to red in November.

“Absolutely. I think 2016 woke up the left side. They realize that they have their work cut out for them, and I think that the people that were working weren’t able to get off work,” the man, identified as Mitch, said.

“For instance, one year, election season, I had to work out in Duluth, and I couldn’t get off early enough to go vote. So there went my voice,” he explained:

So yeah, I think this year, I think there’s a very good chance. I think there’s a 90 percent plus probability that it’s gonna go red. I talk to a lot of conservatives and a lot of you know, left side, and quite frankly a lot of them are gonna vote Trump because of the way the left has been, the radicalism. He mentioned earlier about how they’re allowing stuff to happen and then they ask for someone else to pay for what they allowed to happen.

Mitch also appeared to reference Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s (D) response to protests and riots that wrecked the area following George Floyd’s death.

“The mayor of Minneapolis, for crying out loud, was out there. What a disgrace to this town, that town, this whole state. That’s not what we stand for,” Mitch said.

“I mean everybody works and pays for what they got and so when someone comes in and trashes it and they have a leader like him and our governor to protect them, it’s not good,” he continued.

Mitch’s fellow Trump supporter, Jack, echoed his comments and said he believed the combination of riots, economic issues, and coronavirus lockdowns could be the reason more people might vote for President Trump in November.

“And then the not backing the police — I think that really turns a lot of people off, from the left. And obviously the right supports the police. So, I think for those reasons, yeah, I think he will carry Minnesota,” Jack noted.

“It was so close last time, and I think thousands more people are gonna show up this time around,” he concluded.


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