Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden for Time off Campaign Trail: ‘They Put the Lid on It’


President Donald Trump on Monday ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden for vanishing from the campaign trail.

The president responded to the news that Biden would not do any campaign events until the next presidential debate on Thursday.

“You know he’s all shut down again, can you believe it? He’s going lid. You know what lid means. Lid means a politician goes into, I guess, a garbage can or something … the lid, they put the lid on it,” Trump said.

Trump spoke about Biden at a rally in Prescott, Arizona, on Monday afternoon.

“That means he’s going to stay in the basement all day,” Trump said as the crowd laughed.

The president said that Biden left the campaign trail because of new details that were emerging about his son Hunter Biden’s pursuit of corrupt deals with foreign countries.

“I think today he stayed in the basement to talk to his lawyers. They caught him cold,” Trump said about Biden, as supporters chanted, “Lock him up!”

Trump said that his Attorney General, Bill Barr, should prosecute the Bidens for “all the crap and corruption” they had committed during Biden’s 47-year political career in Washington, DC.

The president said that Barr was a “wonderful human being” and a “very nice man and a very fair man.”

“It doesn’t make some of us happy, but in many ways, Bill Barr is a wonderful human being and a very fair person,” Trump said, admitting that “I get angry too.”


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