Exclusive – West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey Endorses Donald Trump in 2024

Morrisey 2024

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R), who is running for governor of the Mountain State, told Breitbart News on Friday before his official announcement that he is endorsing former President Donald Trump in his 2024 run.

“West Virginia misses President Trump. For many years, I’ve stood very closely with President Trump and strongly supported his agenda, leading in so many litigation battles to defend America first,” Morrisey says in his official announcement — first obtained by Breitbart News — acknowledging that he took on the Biden Green New Deal, and brought a case to Supreme Court and won.

Morrisey also acknowledged that Trump fought for America’s energy independence, which helped energy-rich West Virginia thrive, and has backed Trump’s initiatives to curb border crossers and fentanyl coming into the country through the American borders. The attorney general explained that Trump was also “dead right” about his tax relief plans, which is why he has long supported the former president’s return to the White House.

Ahead of the release of the attorney general’s video officially endorsing the former president, Morrisey exclusively told Breitbart News in an interview that America and West Virginia are “deeply grateful” for all his accomplishments like promoting America’s energy independence, immigration, and stopping the drug epidemic.

“We used to work very closely together to defend his agenda that was so good for West Virginia, and now we’re seeing President Biden — his policies — are just crippling our nation,” Morrisey said. “I have always strongly supported President Trump, and I want to make it official. I proudly endorsed his candidacy for president.”

“He’s the one who’s taken on the swamp and the political elites [and] he’s won. And that’s the model I’ve had as the West Virginia Attorney General …West Virginia really benefited from so many of these Trump policies, and I know that we shared a common passion in terms of promoting West Virginia energy resources and America’s energy independence and stopping the complete nonsense and the utter violation of the laws at the border.”

Morrisey, who has also spoken to Breitbart News previously about Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “political prosecution” of Trump, added that those efforts “only further solidifies” his endorsement because “those are the actions of a banana-republic style approach to the rule of law.”

“That’s not right, and President Trump is being victimized by a political prosecution,” Morrisey continued. “I stood strongly against that. … We’ve been a steadfast supporter, and I want to make sure that people know that. And that’s why we’re gonna do our best to help ensure President Trump gets back to the White House.”

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