Poll: Latino Support for Deportations, Border Wall Surged at Least 10 Points Since 2021

Final installation of the now completed 450 miles of new border wall systems. (Photo: U.S.
Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

A growing number of Latinos support deportations and the construction of a border wall, a recent Axios-Ipsos poll found, confirming that former President Donald Trump’s policies are registering among voters.

Trump vowed to secure the border if he wins in November. He also promised to deport illegal aliens, which could amount to millions of people who violated U.S. law. The latest estimate shows that more than 51 million foreign-born residents reside in the U.S., according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

The poll found that among Latino adults:

  • Thirty-eight percent support deporting illegal aliens, up ten points (28 percent) since President Joe Biden assumed office.
  • Forty-two percent support securing the southern border by building a wall, up 12 points since 2021.
  • Sixty-four percent support allowing a president to close the borders if migrants are invading the nation.

Driving down on the numbers, Cuban Americans most support (58 percent) securing the southern border with a wall, while 37 percent of “Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans” support wall construction. Forty-three percent of Central Americans support the wall.

Latinos marked Biden’s southern border invasion as their third-highest concern. Biden’s soaring costs and crime rank first and second, respectively.

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Randy Clark / Breitbart

The poll sampled 1,012 Latino adults from March 22-28, 2024, with a ± 3.6 percent margin of error.

The survey appears to confirm growing Latino support for Trump. Latino support for Biden shrunk over his tenure by 12 points, while Trump surged among Latinos by three points during the same period, an Ipsos poll found Tuesday:

  • Trump gained 29 points on Biden since he assumed office in 2021 (53-24).
  • Biden only holds a three-point lead among those who intend to vote in November.
  • Trump holds a 22-point lead over Biden on who can handle the costly economy.
  • Trump also holds an 11-point lead on reducing soaring crime.

The polling comes as the U.S. faces a rash of alleged crimes committed by illegal aliens. More information about those incidents is here and here.

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