Poll: Biden Deep Underwater on Top Issues of Inflation, Immigration

President Joe Biden speaks before signing a $95 billion Ukraine aid package that also incl
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President Joe Biden’s approval rating is deep underwater on what Americans rated as their top two issues in an Economist/YouGov poll.

The poll, published on Wednesday, asked 1,651 U.S. adult respondents to pick the most important issue for them seven months away from the election. The top response was inflation or prices at 24 percent, while the second most popular choice was immigration at 14 percent.

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Moreover, 97 percent of all respondents tabbed inflation as “important,” with 77 percent saying it is “very important.” Similarly, 85 percent consider immigration an “important” issue, including 56 percent who see it as “very important.”

But Biden’s approval ratings on these fronts are more than 30-points underwater. Only 29 percent approve of his handling of inflation and prices, while 62 percent disapprove of his performance, including 49 percent who “strongly” disapprove.

The margin is even worse for Biden among independents. Only 17 percent approve of how Biden has approached inflation versus 72 percent who disapprove.

Biden owns a similar 29 percent approval rating on immigration, with a strong majority of 61 percent disapproving of his performance in this department. He has major problems with independents here as well, with just 17 percent giving him positive marks and 69 percent giving him negative ones.

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This poll shows the president’s overall approval rating at 36 percent, with 59 percent giving him negative grades.

In a general sense, a plurality of respondents (44 percent) said the state of the economy is poor, while 29 percent rated it as “fair.” Only 24 percent said it was either “excellent” (5 percent) or “good” (19 percent).

A majority of 55 percent believe the economy is worsening, 23 percent say it is staying the same, and 18 percent believe it is on the upswing.

What is more, a plurality of 44 percent of Americans, including 50 percent of independents, say they are worse off financially compared to a year ago, while 40 percent say their finances are “about the same.” Just 13 percent report being better off financially than they were a year ago, including only 9 percent of independents.

The poll further found that those who plan to vote for former President Donald Trump are more enthusiastic than those who plan to back Biden, as Breitbart News’s Hannah Knudsen noted.

The poll sampled 1,651 U.S. adults from April 21-23, and the margin of error is ± 3.3 percentage points.


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