Study Labeling 18-Year-Olds ‘Children’ Finds More Gun-Related Child Deaths

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A Florida Atlantic University (FAU) study labeling 18-year-olds as “children” has subsequently discovered more firearm-related child deaths.

FAU reports that their study focused on the time-frame 1999-2017, wherein researchers found 38,942 firearm deaths for “children.” But when they break down the deaths of “children,” they show 6,464 of those deaths were for individuals aged 5-14 and a whopping 32,478 were for individuals 15-18.

In other words, the category witnessing the vast majority of gun-related deaths includes “children” old enough to vote.

Ironically, ages 15-18 are prime ages for gang involvement, street crime, and other types of violent malfeasance. So by adding those ages to a study on “children” researchers are immediately able to expand the number of firearm-related child deaths.

Moreover, labeling 15-18 year-olds to the study allows FAU to make their secondary claim, which is that black “children” bear the brunt of firearm-related child deaths. If one considers the example of Chicago alone it is easy to see how labeling 15-18 year-olds not only increased the reportable number of firearm-arm related child deaths but also the reportable number of deaths of black individuals being labeled “children.”

Article after article in outlet after outlet has pointed out that the carnage and death our nation has grown used to in Chicago is a glaring example of black on black violence. The city’s South Side witnesses gang and street violence resulting in the deaths of predominately black citizens.

Writing in The Hill, the American Bar Association’s Greg Raliegh observed:

Every day brings more tragic mayhem in black communities across America. Chicago is the worst example, with dozens of innocent men, women and children murdered almost every weekend. Few of these crimes are solved — Chicago’s “clearance rate” for homicides is 17 percent — leaving the culprits free to strike again. Most crimes involve black victims and perpetrators. The grim statistics are not in dispute.

Again, it is no surprise that labeling 15-18 year-olds “children” allowed FAU to find more firearm-related child deaths and “racial inequality” in the deaths reported, due to the number of deaths among blacks who are old enough to vote.

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