Watch: Dayton Police Officers Run Toward the Fire, Take out Shooter

Dayton (Derek Myers / AFP / Getty)
Derek Myers / AFP / Getty

A video released by the City of Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday shows the moment that the gunman in Sunday morning’s mass shooting began firing — and the moment members of the Dayton Police Department charged and fired back.

The chilling video is spliced together from two surveillance cameras near the Ned Peppers bar in the popular Oregon district of downtown Dayton. The shooting began just after 1:00 a.m. after the shooter, armed with a “.223-like rifle” and “100-round drum magazines,” parked his car and walked through an alley toward 5th street, opening fire on his first victims.

Police reportedly responded within 20 second and had stopped the shooter within 30 seconds. In that time, he was able to kill nine people and wound more than two dozen others on the crowded street on a summer weekend night.

One of the videos shows people running from the the shooter before the shooter appears, carrying a large rifle and wearing body armor, and rounds a fence in an effort to enter the bar. He is immediately hit by bullets fired by several police officers and crumples to the pavement. He tries to get up but is hit several more times.

The second angle shows the crowd, again, running up the street before police officers appear, moving rapidly toward the fire, weapons drawn, waiting for a clear shot and then firing. The shooter later died from his wounds.

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