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UKIP: The Only Party Taking on State-Funded Political Activism

Yesterday UKIP launched their long-awaited election manifesto, a seventy five page policy document laying out the Eurosceptic party’s proposals for what they would do in government in areas ranging from tax to foreign affairs via crime and culture.Back in 2012


Fascist Bullies Hounding UKIP Candidates And Supporters

The short campaign has started and inevitably the political gloves will come off. Unfortunately for me, and indeed many current UKIP candidates and supporters, the fight is getting far too close to home.Over the past few days I have received


Kay Burley a More Than Able Foil For Cameron And Miliband

Last night was the first of the greatly anticipated election debates hosted jointly by Channel 4 and Sky News, featuring the Conservative leader David Cameron and Labour’s Ed Miliband. I say “debate” with a pinch of salt; after Cameron’s blatant


Janice Atkinson May Have Used Her Last Chance of UKIP Survival

There is absolutely no defence for suspended UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson. I’ve tried – really, really hard – but no; through arrogance and stupidity she has landed herself up a certain creek without a paddle or a hope.Last night it


Scotland’s Political Establishment Feign Outrage over UKIP MEP

“It’s all bollocks!” says UKIP’s David Coburn MEP after finding himself at the centre of the latest political witch hunt; and I’m inclined to agree with him.The pressure is mounting on Scotland’s only elected ‘Kipper after he compared Scottish Nationalist


How the Government Used the Savile Report to Bury Bad News

As governments go, the current Tory-Lib-Dem coalition isn’t the worst we’ve seen. Despite cash for access, a few uncovered affairs, numerous expenses discrepancies and the loss of two MPs to UKIP they are nearing the end of a hastily arranged

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EU Free Movement Rules Are No Longer Fit for Purpose

Immigration is a well-documented headache for British politicians. According to various polls it is the biggest issue facing the UK, trumping even the NHS, the closest thing Britain has to a national religion.Immigration is constantly brought up on the doorstep


It’s Basic Common Sense to Pay As Little Tax As Possible

From Canvey Island, amongst the solemn pledges to stand up for the common man and small businesses alike, emerged a rather brilliant message from Farage’s speech at yesterday’s campaign launch: UKIP will tackle the ‘cost of government’ crisis, as well


Political Social Media Spending and the Prime Minister’s New Clothes

I can’t help thinking that the ever increasing bills for “online engagements” are a re-hash(tag)ed tale of the Prime Minister’s New Clothes.Like every self-respecting political activist, I’ve lost uncountable hours trudging around housing estates come rain, shine or inevitably, during


How the Lib Dems Will Use the Lords to Keep Power after the Election

The Liberal Democrats have historically positioned themselves as the champion of serious democratic reform, both through changing the voting system to one of proportional representation and by replacing the House of Lords with a fully-elected second chamber comprising considerably fewer


Immigration is Now The Most Important Topic to Voters Today

Back in the Blair years it was “Education. Education. Education.” Now, all we hear is “Immigration. Immigration. Immigration.” At least we do from the public; less so from the politicians.  Polls suggest that voters believe that immigration is the biggest

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#CameronMustGo Shows How Vacuous the Leftwing Twitter Mob Is

Twitter can be a dangerous tool.  Its democratisation of protest and ability to connect the masses has been regularly documented and the social media platform’s ability to influence is unprecedented.  Tweeting in haste or anger, or indeed, under the influence,

#CameronMustGo Shows How Vacuous the Leftwing Twitter Mob Is

The Lib Dems' Foreign Aid Pledge Is Out-of-Touch Madness

It isn’t exactly splitting the atom or even pushing boundaries to suggest that the modern Liberal Democrats are anathema to both liberalism and democracy.  Their commitment to the European Union, ever increasing taxation, neo-Malthusian environmental policies, open door immigration and

The Lib Dems' Foreign Aid Pledge Is Out-of-Touch Madness

Politics Is Becoming Fun Once Again

Of all the opportunities my accidental career in politics and such have afforded me, one of the greatest pleasures remains giving talks to sixth form pupils. This morning I addressed a group of 16-18 year olds at University College School,

Politics Is Becoming Fun Once Again

What Doncaster Says About The Mood And Direction of UKIP in 2014

Conference season is in full swing.  For a few days each through September and early October, the four main British political parties and their accompanying army of press, lobbyists and the occasional delegate embark en masse to far-flung English cities

What Doncaster Says About The Mood And Direction of UKIP in 2014

Salmond Resigns, His Dream in Tatters

This week Scotland voted “No Thanks” to independence, choosing in record numbers to remain part of the United Kingdom.  After a two and a half year campaign and a last-minute leap in the polls, Salmond and his party just missed

Salmond Resigns, His Dream in Tatters

Eurosceptics Must Learn from the Scottish Referendum Campaign

Next week Scotland will vote to decide whether or not to break free from the rest of Britain and go it alone as an independent country. The referendum has dominated this week’s news, divided Scotland and caused violence on the

Eurosceptics Must Learn from the Scottish Referendum Campaign

UKIP Faces Internal Divisions Unless It Gets Its Act Together

That UKIP is a party of contradictions is news to no one within the bubble, and something I have written about here previously.The party once attracted predominantly former Conservatives, both of small ‘c’ and large ‘C’ ilk.  With the golf

UKIP Faces Internal Divisions Unless It Gets Its Act Together

Britain Has Far More in Common with the Commonwealth than the EU

GLASGOW, UK – The Commonwealth Games have started and I am here in a surprisingly warm and gorgeous Glasgow for the Opening Ceremony.After London 2012 the pressure is on for Scotland: 6500 athletes from 53 countries, 71 if you include

Britain Has Far More in Common with the Commonwealth than the EU