Andrea Shea King

Geert Wilders: 'It's like being caught in a bad B-movie'

Photo by El Marco In today’s mail, this post by El Marco, the photographer who took the stunning photos of the Ground Zero mosque protest rally held in New York City last Saturday, 9-11. As his photos will attest, some

How the 'Republican Media' Controls Who We Vote For

Here’s a classic example of how the so-called Republican media — in this case Talk Radio — controls who is offered up as a candidate (example: John McCain). On an Orlando radio station Tuesday morning, a caller asked the host

The O'Keefe Affair: Obviously a Media Malfunction

When the Christmas Day panty bomber was arrested for trying to blow up himself and the plane he rode in on, he was questioned for approximately 50 minutes before an attorney was brought in to advise him. What happened next?

Safeguarding Our Heritage

At the Thanksgiving dinner table we sat back, sated with turkey and all the fixins’. And as is our custom, we began reminiscing of times gone by, family members who have passed on, and others we’ve not seen for a

Obama Spoofs: 'SNL' Chooses Unfunny Over Hurting Their Guy

Big Hollywood’s Alexander Marlow has written a spot-on assessment of “Saturday Night Live’s” skit about Obama. This video clip of Chevy Chase on CNN bolsters Marlow’s claim and reveals the truth behind “SNL’s” political parodies: [youtube GCVySNao3P0 nolink] — To

Real Racism: Lessons in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

My name is Bob Ewell. We’re all Bob Ewells if you check with the Left and their media mouthpieces. Who is Bob Ewell? Well, if you’ve ever watched the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, you’d know that Ewell is the

Ed McMahon – When Late Night Television Was Young

Picture it. After passing through the Pearly Gates, Ed McMahon spots his long time friend and TV partner. With a wide grin and outstretched arms, he greets him. “Heeere’s Johnny!” The affable, genial, self-described “Second Banana” to Johnny Carson on

Sammy Davis Jr. — Black and White On the Silver Screen?

The life story of a Black star in a White world, a man who arguably was the world’s greatest entertainer, will not be coming to a theater near you anytime soon. If ever. During a recent interview on my radio