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Chinese World Domination: Allowing Capitalism and Religious Worship

Many people are confused about the perceived change in Communist China’s attitude toward capitalism and religious worship. How can a country that professes to be communistic, one that sees the proletariat and bourgeoisie as waging an ongoing class struggle, while

Chinese World Domination: Forming International Alliances

As I think about the plethora of international alliances that China is forming, It reminds me of women who are fatally attracted to abusive men. Those men who don’t hesitate to beat any sense of self esteem out of their

Chinese World Domination: Controlling the World's Commodities

The previous article on Chinese world domination covered their goal of cornering the world’s supply of energy. However, energy isn’t the only item they are striving to control. China is very active in acquiring and controlling as much as possible

Chinese World Domination: Cornering The World's Energy

The Institute for Energy Research (IER) in their post on Big Peace (America Can Be An Energy Superpower) make some powerful statements concerning America’s energy potential: America could have enough oil resources to meet today’s oil demand levels … for

Chinese World Domination: Enhancing Their Technology

These articles are not being written as justifications for promoting a war between the U.S. and China. That would be foolishness beyond the extreme. In fact, the exact opposite is true. It is only through maintaining our competitive economic, military,

Chinese World Domination: Increasing Their Military Capability

This is the second article that expands on my original Big Peace article, “The Growing Potential of Chinese World Domination.” The first article, on defeating the U.S. economically, can be found here. However, as a country becomes more and more

The Growing Potential of Chinese World Domination

There are lots of languages in the world that it might be a good idea to learn. Here in Texas (actually in most of the southwest and California), it is a good idea to learn Spanish. In the last decade,