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'Glee' Is Leftist Propaganda Aimed Squarely At Your Kids

[Ed. Note: Please welcome Bruce Carroll from the indispensable Gay Patriot blog, an early supporter of yours truly (thanks, Dan!) and my favorite gang of apostates.] There’s a simmering civil war in my house on Tuesday nights. First off, I’m

If Muslims Gay-Bash In San Francisco, Do They Make a Sound?

A week ago, news began to break in San Francisco about a targeted gay-bashing crime that allegedly occurred on February 26. Three cousins from Hayward have been charged in San Francisco with a hate crime and assault for allegedly firing

The HomoCon Tipping Point: Why CPAC Was a Milestone Weekend for Gays

**Post UPDATED at bottom. In the weeks leading up to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week, there was a sidebar skirmish involving two of the CPAC sponsors. The new gay conservative group,, which was formed in 2009,