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Ohio GOP Chairman's Adviser Helped Kill Ohio Public Union Reform

Meet Mark Weaver. Weaver is an Ohio political consultant who has been around the state for a long time, and had a pretty great track record before 2011. He was the campaign media consultant to Rob Portman’s successful Senate campaign

Mitt Romney's Ohio Problem

We’ve all heard the axiom, “as goes Ohio, so goes the nation”. In fact, no Republican has ever won the Presidency without winning Ohio. And for this year’s GOP presidential primary, Ohio is the top prize in what is turning

Sherrod Brown hid out in steakhouse while Obama spoke in Ohio

Yesterday, we told you about how Senator Sherrod Brown was nowhere to be seen when Barack Obama spoke in suburban Cleveland yesterday. Sherrod can’t use Senate business as an excuse. He is in Ohio today. What Sherrod and Obama WANT

Sherrod Brown hides from Obama. Again.

Sherrod Brown indicates his level of desire to be seen with Obama in Ohio Barack Obama campaigned in Ohio again yesterday. He is returning to Shaker Heights High School, where he spoke 2 years ago. From Henry Gomez of the

Ohio Right to Work Amendment: Right Policy, Wrong Time

It’s been over two weeks since Ohioans rejected the reasonable government union reforms in Issue 2. Big Labor poured over $30 million into a campaign to persuade voters to stay with the status quo. But they also rejected a whopping

Ohio Dems Threaten Yet Another Union-funded Ballot Referendum

Here we go again, Ohio. After being swept out of every statewide office, and losing the Ohio House last November, Ohio Democrats don’t think that that election has any consequences. First, of course, they and their union allies spent over