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The Hariri Assassination Report Will Lead To Violence

The United Nations report on the assassination of popular former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in 2005 was just released. As expected, Hezbollah was implicated in the assassination in which a one-ton truck bomb was detonated, killing 22 people and

Why The US Consistently Fails To Predict Threats

The outgoing Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, made a remarkable admission during a speech to the American Enterprise Institute three weeks ago that should have received more attention. In his speech, the SecDef properly observed that the U.S. has consistently

Foreign Policy: A Time for a Serious Discussion?

The San Mateo County Republican Lincoln Day dinner, my thoughts on foreign policy, and the appearance and ignominious retreat of a white supremacist heckler… I wish to extend my sincere thanks for the organizers, members and guests of the San

Japan's Nuclear Crisis: Radiation Primer and Perspective

Japan’s nuclear crisis may yet get as bad as some have been saying, but, until then, some facts and perspective… The average natural background radiation level is 2,400 microsieverts per year. Human-caused radiation contributes about 5 microsieverts per year, from

Obama's Failure

Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia: Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, its “moderate” cousin, are on the verge of a stunning strategic victory in the Middle East. U.S. national interests are on the precipice of suffering the worst

On the Scene of the Itamar Massacre

Two days ago I was in Itamar, in the disputed territories of the West Bank less than 48 hours after the brutal terrorist attack that took the lives of five members of the Fogel family. I was there as a

Egypt: Now the Hard Part

Egypt’s largely peaceful ousting of its longtime president might be a template for a flowering of freedom in the Middle East – or, it might be the first act in a slow moving disaster for Egypt and peace in the

China and U.S. Debt: Donald Trump Gets It

I’ve never a fan of the self-funded political neophyte – their runs for office tend to be driven by equal parts of ego and mercenary consultants. That said it appears that there are no candidates preparing to run for President

2011: Global Balance of Power Shift? Coping With China

Endless money forms the sinews of war. – Cicero By moral influence I mean that which causes the people to be in harmony with their leaders, so that they will accompany them in life and death without fear of mortal

Time for Fresh Thinking on North Korea

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (neither democratic, nor for the people, nor a republic), barraged an island belonging to South Korea, setting fire to more than 50 homes and killing two South Korean marines

Obama in Asia: Epic FAIL

President Obama went from an Election Day “shellacking” to an Asian drubbing, and American power and prestige are worse off for his ineffectual, even embarrassing, efforts. First of all, there was the failure to close on a free trade agreement

TSA Needs to 'Get a Grip'… of a Different Sort

John “Don’t touch my junk” Tyner is an American hero. Airport security ejected him from the San Diego airport after he refused the choice between a naked body scan and a crotch grab – and he recorded the whole affair

TSA Needs to 'Get a Grip'…of a Different Sort

John “Don’t touch my junk” Tyner is an American hero. Airport security ejected him from the San Diego airport after he refused the choice between a naked body scan and a crotch grab – and he recorded the whole affair

California's Schwarzenegger Hangover

A Schwarzenegger hangover saved California Democrats from a wipeout as the Tea Party wave washed harmlessly up the High Sierra’s eastern slope. Democrats won eight of nine statewide offices, with the race for attorney general looking more Republican as the

Human Rights, International Affairs and a Reply to Thor Halvorssen

President Jimmy Carter made international human rights the centerpiece of his foreign policy. As a result, the United States distanced itself from autocratic regimes. The problem with this morally satisfying stance is that liberty isn’t autocracy’s sole enemy. Pres. Carter

Over $120 Million Spent on California Initiatives

California’s progressive-era experiment in direct democracy was supposed to elevate the voters above the special interests, allowing voters make law themselves through the statewide initiative process. That this process is now virtually owned by the special interests is yet another

My Chemical Romance: Upcoming Album Something to Anticipate

Of the many advantages of having children, a key one is that one’s tastes in music don’t become ossified (the negative corollary being: you know all about Justin Bieber). For this reason, our home has openly wondered when My Chemical

California and the International Green Energy Racket

Last week, the premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, paid a visit to the California State Legislature. He spoke at length about his province’s green energy partnership with California in supplying California with electricity while helping the state meet its

Something for Nothing: State Debt and the 2008 Presidential Vote

CNN, together with Moody’s Investor Services, published a map of the U.S. showing per capita state debt. This debt map brought to mind another map, this one the Electoral College map from the 2008 election. President Obama won 28 states

The Press in China: A State Instrument of Control and Deception

While newspapers in the U.S. struggle to survive the triple threat posed by the Internet, the perception of a persistent left-leaning bias, and the weak economy, newspapers in the People’s Republic of China simply struggle to report the news. Most

Don Henley's Lawsuit Threatens Everyone's Free Speech

It’s been 11 months since I last wrote about big liberal donor Don Henley’s lawsuit against me for writing two music parodies and turning them into online campaign videos. I’ve long believed that conservatives ignore culture at their peril. Hollywood