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Ransom Payment Highlights Hillary’s Ownership of Disastrous Iran Deal

Amid recent scrambling by President Obama and his senior officials to deny that a secret planeload of foreign currency worth $400 million sent to Iran in January to win the release of four innocent Americans was a ransom payment, there also has been maneuvering by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to insulate her from any blowback from the nuclear deal with Iran.

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Hillary’s Flimsy ‘Colin Powell’ Excuse Won’t Save Her from Email Scandal

One of the main arguments Hillary Clinton and her supporters are using to dispute a damning new State Department Inspector General report on her use of a private email server for official business when Clinton was Secretary of State is claiming the report indicates Colin Powell essentially did the same thing when he headed the State Department.

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How Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes Exposed the Wide, Corrupt Web of Liberal Journalism

As a conservative fed up with how so-called “mainstream” reporters and national security experts have been in the tank for President Obama’s disastrous foreign policy but relentlessly attacked President George W. Bush’s, I’ve been experiencing a bit of schadenfreude as I watched some of these journalists and experts squirm after David Samuels’ New York Times profile of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes.

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Obama’s Nuclear Surrender to Iran

With the clock winding down on a June 30th deadline for a nuclear agreement with Iran, Obama administration critics fear a potential deal is worsening by the day as U.S. concessions accelerate in the final days of the negotiations.

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Obama Administration Dishes Out Dubious Claims on Iran Nuclear Deal

Despite over-the-top praise for the new framework nuclear agreement with Iran by the Obama administration, the news media and liberal pundits, Obama officials have made several questionable claims defending it, including some that have been disputed by Iranian officials.

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Five Reasons Why the Senate ‘Torture’ Report Became a Flop

Congressional Democrats, leftwing groups, and the mainstream media were certain this month’s Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA enhanced interrogation program (which they call torture) would spark a groundswell of anger against Bush administration officials and the CIA that would change the subject from the president’s growing unpopularity and the Democratic Party’s poor showing in the mid-term elections.

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