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Baseball, Hardball and Chris Matthews' Racist Wild Pitch

When Mighty Casey struck out, he may have disappointed the fans of Mudville, but he didn’t insult them. He didn’t brand them racists. Or at least Ernest Lawrence Thayer–the poet who immortalized Casey’s big whiff–didn’t mention any such calumnious castigations

The Coffee Party Unfiltered: 'Dear Congress, You're So MEAN!'

The Coffee Party is at it again. Desperately seeking a raison d’etre other than NOT to be the Tea Party, the Brew Crew has just issued a Congressional chain-letter which it hopes its tens of followers will co-sign. Pulling no

Would You Buy ObamaCare From Sheriff Andy Taylor?

By now you’ve probably seen one of those TV ads where 84-year-old small-screen legend Andy Griffith blatantly shills for ObamaCare. If not, take a look below at the first spot, entitled “1965.” Put your feet up on the antebellum veranda

Jon Stewart, The Coffee Party, and the Insanity of Sanity

Jon Stewart’s October 30th bout of rally envy–despite the comedian’s rickety attempts to disavow the patently invidious nature of the convocation–was hubristically (not to mention wishfully) titled “Restoring Sanity.” (Because of its obvious facetiousness, the Colbertian “Restoring Fear” portion of

Jon Stewart, The Coffee Party, and the Insanity of Sanity

Jon Stewart’s October 30th bout of rally envy–despite the comedian’s rickety attempts to disavow the patently invidious nature of the convocation–was hubristically (not to mention wishfully) titled “Restoring Sanity.” (Because of its obvious facetiousness, the Colbertian “Restoring Fear” portion of

Would Rachel Maddow Rather Walk to Work?

I don’t regularly watch MSNBC, but curiosity got the better of me tonight. For no special reason, I found myself wondering what THE Place for Politics–I can’t bring myself to use the network’s new slogan–would say about the midterm elections

Tea Pluribus Unum! Time to Send Paul Krugman a Bag of Tea

Tea Pluribus Unum. The brew of individual liberty. What’s good for One is good for the Many. That’s my simple message to Paul Krugman, who, along with Frank Rich, serves as the New York Times’ chief peddler of Tea-ophobia these

Where Is Gloria Allred?

Forget Waldo. Where’s Gloria? Gloria Allred–the lawyer who put the “rude” in jurisprudence–is mysteriously missing in action of late. Surfacing recently from beneath her rock in a cellophane effort to shore up Jerry-the-Clown Brown’s gubernatorial aspirations, Allred came riding to

Angry Joe Klein Needs a Dose of Speed

Joe Klein is one angry man. In fact, Joe’s so pissed-off I think he could shoot the next Twelve Angry Men sequel all by himself. Why is poor Joe so unhappy? Because we–well, actually, mostly you conservative women out there–are

John McCain, Purveyor of Mid-term Kryptonite

Most pundits agree John McCain ran at best a lackluster and at worst a completely feckless 2008 presidential campaign. Yet if the GOP does in fact gain control of one or both chambers of Congress this November, its members should

For Sale on eBay: Gloria Allred, Sleaziest Lawyer in America

While browsing the “Antiques” category on eBay today, I came across a most remarkable ad. I had to do a double-take at first but on second glance I saw it really was true. Someone is actually auctioning off Gloria Allred,

Who Put the Prozac in the Coffee Party Convention?

Remember the Coffee Party? Yeah, me neither. But don’t worry. You haven’t missed your chance to hang with some of the mellowest, most laid-back-est, nicest political activists who ever strummed an E-A-B chord progression on the old six-string or crooned

Karl Rove Needs to 'Meet John Doe'

Et tu, Karl? Only Miles Monroe, Woody Allen’s character in Sleeper, could have missed the firestorm Karl Rove touched off during his appearance on Fox News’ Hannity show on Tuesday night. But for the benefit of Mr. Monroe and other

Brave Newt World Kills Gaga MoDo's Obama Mojo

In her latest Hail Mary effort to replace the flag of conservative Reason with the flag of liberal Emotion, Maureen Dowd goes talons-out for Newt Gingrich, for “making outrageous, unsubstantiated comments to appeal to the wing nuts among us. ”

Paul Krugman's Days of Rage, Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh

Paul “The End Is Near” Krugman thinks conservatives are seeing witches but it’s really the Nobel Laureate who’s fighting his own liberal demons. In his August 29 New York Times op-ed, “It’s Witch-Hunt Season Again,” Krugman showcases both his traditional

ABC's Tapper Stacks the Deck But Dan's Senor Moment Still Prevails

A funny thing happened on the way to ABC’s This Week round table yesterday. The circle turned into a hexagon. Instead of the usual balance of two–occasionally three–commentators from both political perspectives, ABC’s special Independence Day edition featured a 5-on-1

Pimping Spitzer: Let's Help Name CNN's New Show!

No sign of desperation at CNN these days. Nooooooooo. After all, what TV producer wouldn’t jump at the chance to premiere a new prime-time political show this fall with a disgraced former attorney-general/governor-turned-high-end-john? Yes, that’s right–CNN jumped first. They’ve just

To Save the Constitution, Liberals Must First Destroy It

Wilder Publications, a small publishing company based in Redford Va., is offering on a rather unusual compendium of The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation. The Wilder edition of our country’s founding documents comes complete

Coleridge's Ancient Mariner and Obama's Health Care Albatross

Even most native speakers of English don’t realize how many of our commonest clichés–phrases you hear verbatim in venues as diverse as a gabfest on The View, an Elvis Presley song, or a political debate in Wolf Blitzer’s urgently-named “The

Dear Paul, You're Not Half The Man You Used To Be

Thursday night at the White House, we Yanks gave Sir Paul McCartney the Gershwin Prize–the equivalent of the Purple Heart for songwriting–and in a brief info-mercial for British deference and class, Sir Paul gave this short, gracious speech in return:

Runaway Census Cost Is Frightening Preview of True Obamacare Price Tag

Friday’s May jobs figure is vastly skewed because of the hundreds of thousands of temporary census employees–approximately 411,000–hired to perform the decennial enumeration of the U.S. population and gather concomitant vital information. In the coming days, economists will be assessing

Sarah Palin, Privacy, Decency and 'The Boy Next Door'

[youtube aUB4XcQYq9A nolink] Joe McGinniss has broken no law by renting the house adjacent to Palin’s. McGinniss is technically within his rights to become Palin’s next-door neighbor. And of course, being technically within one’s rights is a perfectly valid justification

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift Wrestles with Her Inner Girlfriend

As the nearly two-year-old Palin piñata-fest demonstrates, for the devout liberal the intersection of Sorority Street and Politics Avenue is left-turn only. To no one’s surprise, Sarah Palin remains the left’s First Lady of political feminae non gratae, the gold

James O'Keefe 1, MSM Schadenfreude, 0

Things were going so well for David Shuster at the start of the year. On January 26, James O’Keefe, chief ACORN-buster, and several of his friends had just been arrested for “breaking into” the office of Senator Mary Landrieu. The

Media Spinmeisters Working Overtime To Put Bloom Back in Dick Blumenthal

Sometimes you just can’t believe your eyes. Read this sentence from today’s Politics Nation (“Blumenthal Camp: Vietnam Issue Behind Us“) and then ask yourself if you or the ” Democratic strategist” is the crazy one: “This [how Richard Blumenthal handled

Michael Kinsley Can't See the Forest For the Teas

Tea Party Patriots, rejoice! With enemies like Michael Kinsley, who needs friends? Read between the sneering lines of Kinsley’s May 18th column in The Atlantic and you may just find an unintended love-letter to the very Tea Party Patriots he

Polanski's Rape-Rape: The Talent Pass and the Morality Paradox

Why does talent get a pass? And to what extent does the “morality paradox” color our view of great artists? Roman Polanski’s best films, like all great films, are very moral–in particular Chinatown and The Pianist. They deal with socially