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Hoagy Carmichael: Happy Birthday to a Conservative American Patriot

Monday, November 22, marked the birth date of the great Hoagland Howard “Hoagy” Carmichael, 1899 – 1981. Born in Bloomington, Indiana, Hoagy wrote, or co-wrote, among many other tunes, “Georgia on My Mind,” “(Up a) Lazy River,” “Skylark,” the perennial

REVIEW: 'Oscar's Cuba' Brings a Hero to Life, Exposes Fidel's Cuba

“We will obtain the liberty of the Cuban people.” — Doctor Oscar Elias Biscet Filmmaker Jordan Allott’s documentary, “Oscar’s Cuba” paints a compelling portrait of Cuban dissident Oscar Elias Biscet, whom Armando Valladares, former Reagan administration Ambassador to the United

Tío Chano vs. Professor Profligacy

[youtube XDPFQhaTufQ nolink] On the morning of Febrary 13th, 2010, the most profligate President in the recent history of the Republic attacked the last decade as being “a decade of profligacy.” In fact, the current POTUS’ two budgets were by

Tío Chano Vs. Cinesotupotus

[youtube FsDr7PYoV6o nolink] People have been saying to me for months, “Joe, where’s Tío Chano?” Referring, of course, to my Uncle Luciano. Well, the short answer is, I didn’t know. For as long as I have known Tío Chano, that

Tío Chano vs GI Joe

Last Friday I got back from a hike and saw that my Uncle Luciano (we’ve always called him “Tío Chano”) had taken the car. He left me a note saying that he was going to go see “an Army movie.”

Tío Chano vs 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'

Poor Tío Chano. He claims that he hates going to the movies, but he won’t stop going to them. My father recalls that the last time Tío Chano liked a movie without reservation was “Patton” in 1970. [youtube p-knCsDugrI nolink]

Tío Chano vs. 'Transformers 2'

My Uncle Luciano (we call him Tío Chano) has been living with us for several months now and I’ve been worried about him. He spends all his time holed up in his room obsessing about politics and the state of

The Day Gary Cooper Liberated Poland

For some strange reason, the image of Gary Cooper on that famous Solidarity poster popped into my head today. So I Googled it and was surprised to see that today is in fact the twentieth anniversary of the elections, and

El Curioso Caso de William Morgan

I ask you, folks, wouldn’t this make a great movie: Late 1950s, Toledo, Ohio, USA. The Hero, rugged, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, is a searcher, misunderstood by family and friends. He is a freewheeling, Kerouacian type who in his twenties never kept

Buddy Holly: The Music Lives

Unfortunately, when people recall Charles Hardin Holley, aka Buddy Holly, many think first of the plane crash in which he, the Big Bopper, and Richie Valens died, fifty years ago today. That’s a shame because Buddy’s music was about life,

Part II: "Che:" Bad Movie About A Bad Guy Gets Worse

“How I would like to rise to power just to unmask cowards and lackeys of every sort and squash their snouts in their own filth.” Che Guevara, Bolivia, September 8, 1967. “No rapport had been established with the locals…” Anderson,

"Che:" Bad Movie About A Bad Guy

It would take sixteen hours to even begin to inventory the problems of Steven Soderbergh’s “Che,” a bad movie about a bad guy, the Argentine Ernesto “Che” Guevara. The “Roadshow Edition” that I endured at the Nuart Theatre in Los