Matt Kibbe

The End of Government's 'Truth Cartel'

The End of Government's 'Truth Cartel'

President Obama has had a bad June. You know that because the Democrats and the Left are already providing a laundry list of recriminations to explain a defeat in November: SuperPAC money, the European economy, a conservative Supreme Court, the

Andrew Breitbart to Speak at the 9/12 March on DC

On September 12, 2009, grassroots activists from coast to coast flooded the streets of Washington D.C., making history in protest of a wasteful and oversized government. This year, FreedomWorks and our fiscally conservative allies will assemble once again on September

Give Us Liberty!

In our new book, Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and I discuss the fundamental problems with assuming that public officials have our best interests at heart. Excerpt from Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto: The Tea Party movement

Put Down that Race Card

We have sought to call out haters and those that would cynically use race and the other political cards from the Democrats’ stacked deck because it is destructive our social fabric. These phony charges create real hate, and do real

How and FreedomWorks Took Down the Voice of Geico

UPDATE: The headline of this post has been corrected since publication. *** The Tea Party community and its ethos of decentralized leadership and individual freedom is under an orchestrated attack from left-wing apparatchiks, elected Democrats, and their cheerleaders in the

Geico Cancels a Hater

FreedomWorks staff and volunteers have suffered through bomb threats, endless hostile abuse from union patch-through calls laced with profanity, death threats, the N-word directed at an African-American employee, and a host of full-frontal creeps. You can find many of these

Is the Geico Gecko a Tea Party Crasher Too?

Why would the voice of Geico Insurance (“Save $50 dollars or more…”) attack the staff and followers of FreedomWorks as “mentally retarded?” Does he really think that the good men and women who make up the tea party movement –

Smear Campaigns: How We Can Fight Back

The Left is escalating their attacks against Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party movement. The movement that the Left and the media have laughed off for over a year now as a radical fringe of racists, bigots, homophobes, and domestic

The Center Of American Politics

Despite what Congress and the current administration would have the people believe, the inconvenient truth is that fiscal conservatives are the dead center of American politics. Amidst accusations of extremism, Americans are responding to a message of limited government, fiscal

ObamaCare: A New Era of (Non) Transparency

The American people were promised transparency under Democratic Party rule. President Obama told the American people no less than eight times that legislative deliberations would be aired on C-SPAN, not behind closed doors. The call for reform and transparency became

We Will March on Washington

If there were a Death Panel empowered by legislative fiat to determine the political viability of legislative agendas in Washington, D.C., it would declare ObamaCare all but dead, not worth any further time and expense incurred by the American people.