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The Fog of War on America's Southern Border, Part Two

Read Part One here. Another reason for the spotty media coverage of the war along our southern border is manpower. Local media simply doesn’t have the resources to investigate and cover all of the stories in their area — even

The Fog of War on America's Southern Border, Part One

Has the fog of war descended on the U.S. southern border, obscuring the reporting of news and concealing the truth about what is going on along the Rio Grande and in Arizona and California? Many violent incidents are not widely

The MSM in the Fog of War: What's Going On in Laredo, Tex.?

Texas Ranches Seized by Los Zetas Drug Cartel. Over the weekend this story caught fire in the blogosphere. One big reason the story went viral was that it fit the highly-believable narrative of violence spilling across a porous southern U.S.

In Weigel Aftermath, WaPo Shouldn't Worry: You Lost Us At Good-Bye

The Washington Post had two pieces on the (forced) resignation of its “conservative” blogger, Dave Weigel: one by ombudsman, Andrew Alexander; and, another by the staff writer, Howard Kurtz. Both pieces make a bad situation worse: Alexander’s by unintentionally posing

In California, Could a Blogger Unseat Barbara Boxer?

How low have Senator Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer’s fortunes sunk to these days? Low enough that the three-term liberal Democrat doesn’t poll better than 43% against any of her three possible Republican challengers. Low enough that her primary

Why Did ABC News Cover Up the John Edwards' Sex Tape?

One small detail in an AP/Washington Post article of Feb. 10 has outed ABC News: the news network withheld a crucial detail in its reporting of the Andrew Young/John Edwards sex tape story. The crucial detail? ABC News had already

Game-Changer: Why Did Reporters Keep Silent About Edwards?

Why did Game Change authors, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann keep quiet on one of the 2008 campaign’s juiciest stories–only to spill the beans eighteen months later? More importantly, why did they tell their readers about the John Edwards scandal